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pimpNho Party

pimpNho party was a not to be missed event, filled with tricked out costumes, spectators and some plain old scary people ha ha. Will leave you with pictures of last nights ho-down. Congrats to all the prize winners and thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the fun.

Pedro’s would also lke to thank – Seaduced – Hungry Monkey Sub shop -Sundancer – Moondancer – Cholo’s Golf Cart Rental – Sweet Basil – Ecologic Divers – Ak’ bol Yoga retreat – Tropic Air – Portifino – Banana Beach – Victoria House for their wonderfull Prize Donations.


  1. Was a great party fantastic people watching. Some peoples costumes were so good took a min to figure out who they were.

  2. Great pics. Almost enough to make me like Halloween. What fun.

  3. ohmigo looks like way too much fun!! I love the costumes!!!

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