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Living in Belize

pimpNho Party


pimpNho party was a not to be missed event, filled with tricked out costumes, spectators and some plain old scary people ha ha. Will leave you with pictures of last nights ho-down. Congrats to all the prize winners and thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the fun.

Pedro’s would also lke to thank – Seaduced – Hungry Monkey Sub shop -Sundancer – Moondancer – Cholo’s Golf Cart Rental – Sweet Basil – Ecologic Divers – Ak’ bol Yoga retreat – Tropic Air – Portifino – Banana Beach – Victoria House for their wonderfull Prize Donations.


  1. tacogirl November 3, 2008

    Was a great party fantastic people watching. Some peoples costumes were so good took a min to figure out who they were.

  2. terrielinn November 2, 2008

    Great pics. Almost enough to make me like Halloween. What fun.

  3. tq November 1, 2008

    ohmigo looks like way too much fun!! I love the costumes!!!


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