San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Everyone’s a Winner

Everyone who entered the ‘Belize Please’ photo contest gets an A for effort.

Congratulations to Davelle and Judy-Ann, you have both had your numbers drawn for prizes. I’d also like to send a special shout out to to our youngest contestant, Audra, at 7 years old. Not only is she a great photographer, she also kicks butt at wii bowling.

Please note: if your name is not featured the way you would like or I have accidentally missed posting your picture, just shoot me an email and I will correct it ASAP.&

Photo by Susan Flaherty

Photo by Cullen Walker

Photo by Carbunketrumpet

Photo by Craig Davis

Photo by Forrest Jones

Photo by Findley Halliday

Photo by Zac

Photo by Azbob

Photo by Colin Swanson

Photo by Dan and Kathy Furlotte

Photo by Janet Mattis

Photo by Linda Mikulich

Photo by Gina

Photo by Lisa Ror

Photo by Joe

Photo by Courtney

Photo by Klcman

Photo by Audra, our youngest contestant

Photo by Eddie Colvin

Photo by Gailtor

Photo by Cresta Castillo

Photo by Davelle Garratt

Photo by Kelly German

Photo by Melinda

Photo by Mary Lazau

Photo by Sweet-Jane

Photo by Gela

Photo by Laurie M

Photo by Bill M

Photo by Dianne Campbell

Photo by Mike Wasinski

Photo by Harriette

Photo by Jenny

Photo by Marlene

Photo by Jason Gilbertson

Photo by Travel-queen

Photo by Belize gial

Photo by Judy-Ann

Photo by Jerred Johnson

Photo by Sylvie Lepine

Photo by Jack

Photo by Jack

Photo by Charlie Firm

7 thoughts on “Everyone’s a Winner

  1. tacogirl says:

    ha ha Courtney and Jane you are by no means the only ones lol

    I agree Gail – glad you entered

    Thanks Renita was definitly an enjoyable thing all around

  2. Anonymous says:

    GREAT JOB !!! to all who entered, all who worked the contest. Many of us just watch daily in ahhhhhh….


  3. Gail says:

    Great pictures!! Glad to see what others submitted.
    Some very creative and talented photographers out there.
    Glad to have been able to participate.

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