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NYE, I Got Tasered I mean Pfizered, Covid Confessions, Updates, and Belize Seat Sale Listicle

Taser Time and Covid Confessions

This past week I bit the bullet and got my Pfizer booster.

As for the reference to being tasered in the title that’s how it felt to me emotionally. My reason – I try to maintain a level of physical and emotional well-being in order not to need potential side effects causing drugs. Prozac is a great example, while it worked to solve a couple of problems I was raced with, the juice was not worth the squeeze. The associated side effect of bruxism (jaw clenching) was too extreme and I opted to manage myself in more natural ways.

A combination of the pandemic and a couple of cheerleaders (My mom and my fabulous friend Kin in California) inspired me to get my booster. I cannot forget past and present cheerleaders too. My good friend and well-known photographer Karen Brodie was the one (along with the two already mentioned above), who tipped my scales towards getting it in my vaccine in the first place. As for the present, another fab friend and one of my editors Sandie was super happy I got my booster.

Tip: get there early. The day I got my shot the vaccine clinic started at 1:30. I showed up about 1:25 – that got me 3rd in line.

Not only did she have stylish nails, thanks to Shajira, but my third shot was painless at the time.

I was also appreciative of the unexpected booster perk, a chance to win the Government of Belize Belize booster raffle.

When I got home my expected sweet treat was waiting. That morning I had decided to get myself a post taser reward from Casa Pan Dulce.

As I was deciding what treat I wanted, ironically I was reminded of of childhood dentist appointments. After we were worked on, we were invited to choose a toy or sparkly faux gold-banded gemstone ring. It was the same feeling of excitement at bakery treat choices to soften the feeling of getting vaccinated.

Inspirit of the holidays I chose a festive donut dotted with colorful ‘Christmas balls.’ It was perfect at purchase but got slightly smudgy in transport – still satisfying though.

Since I did not have far to walk home, I decided to circle the block and snap a few Central Park area pictures for you. It was a perfect day.

Covid Updates

Current Ambergris Caye curfew is 11:00 pm Sunday to Thursday, and midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Mask law is still in effect.

When planning your Belize vacation how strict or lax our regulations are is all dependent on our number of Covid cases. Please do your part where ever you are to help keep everyone safe. A helpful list of Covid Test Sites in Belize.

Seat Sales

In an effort to help travel bounce back, there are some great options for cheap flights to Belize right now.

Southwest Low Fare Calendar is showing some great deals right now. One-way flights from Denver (DEN) to Belize (BZE) – Friday, Jan 7th $299 and Dec 8th $153.

The flight operates Saturdays only with departure 0:50 am and arrival in Belize at 3:50 pm. For those who have to go home, the flight departs at is 2:10 pm and arrives in Denver at 5:40 pm.

Southwest Airlines resumed Belize flights from both Denver, Colorado, and Houston on Nov, 7th 2021.

As for Southwest Houston, it is a non-stop service from Sunday to Saturday. Houston departure at 10:55 am, with arrival in Belize at 1:15 pm. Belize departure 2:10 pm with arrival in Houston at 4:40 pm. *Note on Saturdays Departure is the same but the return option is slightly later, Belize departure at 4:45 pm and Houston arrival at 7:50 pm.

On the Fly Frontier site, One way Denver, CO (DEN) to Belize City, Belize (BZE) $82 the day before $325

Colorado-based Frontier Airlines began a new non-stop service to Belize on December 11 th. Currently, this route is on Saturdays, and only from Denver, Colorado, and Orlando, Florida. Both options will be available once weekly. Click to check low-cost Frontier flights to Belize.

Denver flight (F9464) departs at 8:16 am (MST) and arrives in Belize at 1:20 pm (CST). Roughly 4h and 4 min of travel time.

Orlando flight (F955 ) departs at 1:12 pm (EST) and arrives in Belize at 2:42 pm CST). Roughly 2h and 21 min of travel time.

Also recently resuming non stop flights to Belize, is WestJet Airlines, the Westjet flight from Toronto departs Wednesdays and Saturdays. The popular seasonal option started on Nov 3rd and runs to April 30th, 2022.

I will leave you with a picture of afternoon traffic and todays San Pedro weather – highs of x and lows of y. Perfect temperatures for a tropical New Years eve/day.

I sincerely hope you won’t, but just in case you should need to check a flight to Belize is canceled go to – flight aware.

Saving my favorite seat sale for last the tacogirl list and cheap golf cart rentals in San Pedro. The tacogirl list will also save you money on hotels, tours and restaurants..

Closing with NYE and wishing everyone a happy New Year and great things for 2022.

For a couple of my friends and I the plan to run in the New Year started at 3:30 pm with a beach walk. Our destination was Ramon’s dock, Madison asked for a quick stop at the Belize Chocolate Company – of course Margie and I were in.

8 thoughts on “NYE, I Got Tasered I mean Pfizered, Covid Confessions, Updates, and Belize Seat Sale Listicle

  1. Cindy Kyles says:

    Sorry for the question marks at the end of my comment Laurie. They were supposed to be a red heart! Lol

  2. Cindy Kyles says:

    I love your posts Laurie. Your write in an honest, unbiased, heartfelt manner and choose important topics that we can all relate to and benefit from.
    Thank you for caring so much and sharing your knowledge the way you do.
    We only lived on the island for two years and miss it terribly. Your posts make us smile and remember wonderful places like Casa Pan Dulce, The Chocolate Company and even the Lions club where you got your booster. You bring us back to our favorite place in the world with your stories. What a cherished gift. ??

  3. FJL says:

    Always a thanks for your writings. I was in a vaccine study that began 1 year ago. I received 2 shots 30 days apart but didn’t know if they were placebos until May 17th (they were not, they were mrna). Because the study couldn’t provide the vaccine card as it was ongoing, I cheated at the end of August to get one (J & J) and followed with the booster 6 weeks later. The study called me back in Novemeber for a booster. I am 65, I have 5 shots, and because of work and my social life, have consistent contact with others. I take quality Vitamin C products and a few more supplements. I have not been sick one day & my immune system is strong. Please, people who are hesitant, believe in science & get every shot you can.

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