San Pedro Belize beach pictures

People, People Everywhere

The image to the right – a little girl posing on the bridge. I was really glad I caught the image as it’s not my typical style. Those who know me well know I love taking group shots, and often my pictures aren’t posed preferring to just catch the moment and not direct it.

I’m being a little sneaky in this post, as all of the mystery judges are somewhere in the images. You are welcome to guess if you like, but my lips are still sealed.

Contest update… 26 contestants are entered. Each contestant has been numbered on a master list, and their photographs will be titled with their number, a letter and category. The judges will be judging by number and letter to select their favorite pictures in each category.

I had a hard time deciding which people pictures to post, but now after uploading my choices I am doing my final pruning. So for now consider this a work in progress.

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