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pimpNho party 2011

We  were almost ready to go to the pimp N Ho party when  wind just kicked up and it started throwing down with rain I waited it out with Van Morrison, Paul watched Poker.

Paul called Cindy and said we should make a break for it when the rain stopped, we got as far as Banyan Bay and took cover  – Good thing sexy pirates are waterproof. Tropical living tip – if you think it is going to rain or you are going on a boat always pack Zip Locks for dry bags. I packed a few in my Halloween tool kit just in case.

Was a super fun night, lots of great costumes all over town. Thanks to Cindy for taking pics at Roadkill, we were starving and stayed at Pedro’s to eat pizza.

I got the best surprise seeing Courtney Sage at rocks with Mary, she came on a surprise visit for Mary’s birthday.



  1. We had a blast Debra.

  2. Those are quite the costumes. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  3. Frida was really well done Remo, so was Ali G he even spoke just like him, very funny guy who ever he was.

  4. Looked like a good time. Saw quite a few people I know in those pictures.

    That Frida Kahlo costume with the unibrow (?) was great!! lol!!

  5. Amazing! Great pix Laurie. Thanks for posting.

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