Party planning 101

by tacogirl
Aerial view of san pero town

I am in the works planning a birthday party for my Cousin, She and her husband touch down for a day in Belize next Thursday while on a Caribbean Cruise. I cannot give you the details about where we will end up, what ever we do I know it will be a lot of fun. I am working on a few angles and seeing which one materializes first, the main requirements are beach, boat and food. I am hoping we get planes in too. Mary120 arrives Saturday and said  said she would join us.

Unfortunately there is a downside to life right now, I just found out yesterday that Lara is putting Luna down today. A few are going to go over this aft to support Lara and and say good bye to Luna before Dr Laurie takes over.

Pics below are 3 random shots I found in my 2012 stock pile.  I am waiting for Saturday and my Nikon Coolpix L120 to arrive with Mary then I will start filling up my empty 2013 stock pictures  folder.

san pedro town

Kids being kids

Aerial view of san pero town

Aerial view of downtown

downtown san pedro picture

Looking through the fence


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