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Party Hopping

It would have been nice to take the day off and have a rest after last night but as usual, everything happens at once and we have found ourselves with 2 parties to attend. First, we headed off off to Caye Winds to enjoy the afternoon there. It was lots of fun – food was divine and we almost got stuck in a time warp a few times but managed to make sure we were on the 5:45 boat back to town. Next came a fabulous dinner party at Casa Coral where Jane and Bruce are staying. Bruce outdid himself on the cooking and it was a flavor fireworks explosion in my mouth every time I took a bite of something new.  Did a quick stop at Wet Willy’s to catch up with Colin and Laura and see All Cayed Up.

Almost forgot to mention the most exciting news… Colin and Laura won the night at Victoria House with a 3-course meal and a breakfast raffle prize. They managed to book into one of the Casita’s for today – her birthday. I told her that was San Pedro lining everything up to wish her a deluxe happy birthday – we were all so pleased with that one.

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