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Actualizing a Dream Moving From Colorado to Belize

So many people are trying to find their way to paradise and looking at how to make it happen when they retire, or in some cases like mine, earlier. Some come with the intention of buying an already operating business or starting their own while others find their way within the existing work world. This guest post comes from a guy who knew what he wanted and took the chance to make it happen for his family.

I am the Paradise Guy

Hey everyone, My name is William Narod, AKA, the “Paradise Guy” and I came to Belize in early 2015 with a dream and a vision for our future. Although I had been successful as an agent, broker-owner, and investor in the Colorado Real Estate market for the last 26 years, I had also always dreamed of a life by the sea in a warm tropical destination. Beyond the perfect climate, friendly people, close proximity to North America, white sandy beaches, and 80+ degree crystal clear waters, exposing my children to a diverse culture was also a big priority. Additionally, investing in the Belize real estate market made a lot of sense after analyzing leading indicators like tourism, increased flights, and steady long-term real estate appreciation.

The Evolution of the Paradise Guy

For most of my life, I have dressed in comfortable, loose-fitting, island-type attire (Hawaiian Shirts as everyone called them). As such I was occasionally referred to by my friends as the “Paradise Guy”. Before I even visited Belize, I created the Paradise Guy brand to represent all who dream of life, career, or retirement in a Caribbean location. Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I love teaching and helping people. It satisfies me like drinking an ice-cold Belikin on a hot Belizean day. The Paradise Guy has given me a platform by which I can inspire and assist many in their quest to live their dream lives and thrive in the Caribbean.

My favorite things to do on Ambergris Caye

As a world class scuba and snorkeling destination, Ambergris Caye, Belize is a mecca for diving and water sport enthusiasts. However, once you have done your diving, parasailing, kayaking, jet skiing, sky diving, and fishing, you need to know what else is there to do. Although only about 22,000 people live on the island, there are many things to do socially in and around San Pedro Town. Having been in Belize for almost 3 years now, I have learned much about where to go, what to do, and how to enjoy myself on this island paradise.

One of my favorite weekend hangouts is The Truck Stop. Located just North of the bridge on the lagoon side, this storage container venue currently offers 3 food trucks, ice cream, and a well-stocked bar. Sunday they offer a “Corn Hole” tournament that has become somewhat of an obsession for me as well as movie nights and even various live game show events. It is a great place to connect with friends and to make new ones. To see a corn hole game at The Truck Stop, click here.

Weekends are also a great time to pick up some roadside barbecue in San Pedro. “Kevins” a little south of town is loved by many including myself. Unlike many other roadside barbecues on the island that are only open on the weekend, Kevin has his stand open 6 days a week. For a mere $10 BZ ($5 US), you will stuff yourself with a full plate of rice and beans, coleslaw, and a quarter chicken.

A few more places I enjoy

If you’re looking for live music in an over-the-water setting, make sure you stop by The Palapa Bar and Grill. Great food, live music, and inner tubes to float in while being served cold beer, are some of my favorite activities. Another great spot is The Dive Bar, a quaint bar on the beach, with swings in the Caribbean Sea, live music, they also happen to be one of the better excursion operators on the island. If you can do it in the water, they can probably make it happen. Their food is a step above regular bar food and you can even dine on delicacies like lobster with filet mignon.

Finally, if you make your way over the Caye Caulker, our sister island, you have to go to The Lazy Lizard at “The Split.” Featuring amazing swimming areas, live music, good bar food, and a great selection of local rum drinks to enjoy. Koko King is also gaining a lot of popularity for beach bar lounge time. They are located on the north side of Caye Caulker island and have shuttle boats to take you across the split running on the 1/2h.

Belize Beach
Many people are looking to trade in their current view for this one
Paradise Guy
William made it happen and made his move
Belize Beaches
Driving by Sandy Toes
North Ambergris Caye
The Truck Stop
Ambergris Caye
Brent Butcher doing live music at The Dive Bar

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