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Nightlife in Belize

Palapa Bar Jam Rant


Longtime tacogirl reader Gary Bowline had this to say about the new Jam. “The Palapa Bar has made Boca del Rio the place to go now for live music. Scott and Jodie have done a fantastic job of remaking the old Wet Willy’s into a great place for food, drinks, and Jack is building a vibrant live music scene.”

After having gone four times for live music there, I agree with Gary. The new Palapa Bar and Grill is breathing new life into the face of the ever-changing music scene on Ambergris Caye. So far I have been there three times for Jam and once to see the current house band Dennis Wolfe and the Swingers. It’s pretty much a guaranteed good time, and with amazing traveling musicians coming together to play with great local talent and the house band, it gets people dancing – hence the reason Dennis picked Swingers as part of the band name.


palapa bar food

Yummy shrimp quesadilla

palapa bar jammin

Sat night at Palapa Bar with Denis Wolfe and the Swingers

If you want to hear what other people have to say you can click through and read the latest TripAdvisor reviews for the new place.


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  1. tacogirl March 15, 2016

    He prefers to go by Dennis now SPmQQse. He chose the band name.

  2. SPmQQse March 9, 2016

    hmmmm… don’t you mean…”denisito”…?

  3. tacogirl March 6, 2016

    Anytime Barbi. Hope you get a trip to BZ soon.

  4. Barbi Miller March 5, 2016

    Can’t wait to visit.thanks for keeping all of us in the loop Laurie .Great job.xo barbi Miller. From Hamilton Ontario


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