San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Palapa Bar and Grill

Love live music and  spectacular sunsets?  Visit The Palapa Bar and Grill next Wednesday and listen to Mark Mulligan for a fun sunset party.

I was checking out his Mulligan’s Island website [link below] and can tell he has a few good stories in him. I loved his line –  ‘ I can’t complain about life as an ex-pat in Mexico. Beats the heck out of Nashville . And the tacos rock. So I won’t be scoring that Lexus with Grammy endorsements? Another tortilla, please.’ – It makes perfect sense in so many ways.

Food and Drinks menu for Palapa Bar and Grill.

Mark Mulligan

Belize music

Wednesday, April 27th


Enjoy sunset on the dock and a concert under the stars beginning at 5PM!

If you enjoy Jimmy Buffett, Kelly McGuire, and good beach music,

you’ll loveMexico Mark” Mulligan!

Live Music

Belize fun facts

You can often see interesting marine life in the water at the Palapa Bar.  Scott,  Jodie and Sunny have seen EEL, sting rays, spotted eagle rays, snapper, conch, Lobster, Lion fish, mullett, bone fish

Did you know Palapa Bar has a long board?
Stop by and ask them about it.


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