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Our New Year at Blue Lotus

Back to being a work in progress. I just noticed that 3/4 of the pictures I had loaded are now gone – ugh. Such is life . All fixed now.

“Prospero A Nuevo” – have a prosperous new year.
First morning of the New Year – what are you all doing and where are your heads at? Mine is already busy from the get go today. Thankfully I do not do hangovers.

As a creature of habit, I try to maintain habits that make me feel good, such as starting the New Year off with a fresh bed; a bit delayed on that as chores are slow due to blogging all day yesterday, but hey it’s still the first and I’m taking care of business. 

My head is busy as usual between blogging, a second load of laundry on the go and my brother Hon and hubby arrive today on the 12:40 tropic. I wish I could turn back the clock and still be enjoying a very leisurely dinner last with our friends last night at Blue Lotus. When we arrived we got a surprise and found out it was going to be a plated 5 course meal over a buffet. They had a lovely menu printed up with the evenings choices.
We dined with Lara, Alana, Dawn, and Greg – and enjoyed interesting and entertaining conversation in between courses.

Earlier on while waiting for Lara Alana and crew Ruby Marianne and I were talking and enjoying picking codes from the vase. Ruby had printed a bunch of codes that are useful quotes to live by and put them out for people to take. After we got to looking at my first 3 art pics and talking about what we saw. I took them on the way to the pontoon boat dock for fun to see what I would get.

Thought waves

Celebration in the air

Taller than myself


Ready for paparazzi

Happy New Year in Spanish = ¡Felíz año nuevo!

Dawn and Greg picking their codes

Ruby and Maryann

The moon was smiling in on us and quite low – very cool

“Prospero Año Nuevo” – have a prosperous new year

Be the change you want to see in the world – Ghandi

This is the first one I picked

Manifest your Dream, but get to know the dreamer first. Ruby Bedi

More Ghandi


Colorful end to a colorful night

2 thoughts on “Our New Year at Blue Lotus

  1. terrielinn says:

    Love this post, especially the quotes. Looks like everyone had a great time.

    Thanks for taking me on the perpetual virtual tour of San Pedro and the rest of AC. Always enjoyable.

    Happy New Year, TG and TB. May 2009 be the best ever.

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