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Officially Grounded

When Tim [Invest in Belize] heard I was still feeling tired he kicked my butt to Dr Daniel Gonzales at Ambergris Hope clinic on Laguna Drive to get a check up. I am glad he did as Dr Dan said it is looking strongly like I have a parasite – he put me on meds and said he will adjust accordingly after test results come back.  Cost of visit including 2 tests $77bzd the other test tomorrow will cost $22 the medication he perscribed was $14.

San Pedro Town Ambergris Caye Belize

San Pedro Town Ambergris Caye Belize

7 thoughts on “Officially Grounded

  1. Alan ( Slater ) says:

    Parasites are not nice,so beware. Too cold here. Hi to-day 20F, with low of -8F. Total snow now official at 70″!!!!
    Found another Health Plan……AARP w/United Health. No monthly premiums and co-pays of $15 doctor, $35 Specialist and $50 Surgeon. Prescriptions are $10 and up according to
    Tier Level.
    Get well soon.
    Alan S.

  2. kelliem says:

    Yay for good friends that look out for ya! Also, I would totally die if thats all it cost to see a doc here in Seattle… which is one great reason we want to live in beautiful San Pedro.

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