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No one arrived Naked

Colette enlisted my help to plan a big birthday bash for all of us who has birthdays in August, September and October. We decided Road Kill was a good venue for 2 reasons, Caroline’s tasty bbq and country music night. The only down side was the mossies, folks do not forget to pack your bug spray.

I was in charge of sending out the e-vite and few decorations. Colette said to add on the e-vite anyone who turned up naked got free bbq, luckily for her pocket book everyone turned up in clothes.

Caroline’s bbq is very tasty – steak – pork ribs & chops – chicken

Dick came for his dinner break

Drummer Dan after surgery

Herb having fun

Road Kill great place for a party

Lot’s of friends turned up

Band played happy birthday periodically through the night

Mike filling in for Drummer Dan

Colette carefully carrying her drink

everyone having fun

Dianne and Colette dancing

Paul and Rudy

Simon Dianne Nancy

Dancing the night away

who dat butt – why it’s miss Dianne

Stacy getting carried off to dance floor

Fun crowd

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