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News Travels Fast

News sure travels fast via cyberspace.

All these people checked in to read about a fire happening in Wings – our one department store on the tropical Island of Ambergris Caye Belize.

Charleston USA – Seattle USA – Kansas City USA – Virginia Beach USA – Mint Pellier France – Downey USA – Ashburn USA – Belize City – Oslo Norway – Ayios Stefanos Greece – Irana Spain – North Richland Hills USA – Glendale USA – Oakland USA – Rome Italy – Taichungsien Taiwan – Ginnheim Germany – East Brunswick USA – Markham Canada – Linda a Velha Portugal – Rockland USA – Pittsburgh USA – Atlanta USA – Madison USA – Barcelona Spain – Fort Worth USA – Gunnison USA – Sao Paulo Brazil – Las Vegas USA – Baltimore USA – Port Lorne Canada – Delhi India – San Antonio USA – Indianapolis USA – Greensboro USA – San Diego USA – Brunner USA – Chesterfield USA – Sherman USA – The Hague Netherlands San Jose Costa Rica â Saint Paul USA â Arvada USA Halifax Canada Milford USA Sedona USA Isle Norway Leystad-Haven Netherlands Lancaster UK Philadelphia USA Holbrook USA Memphis USA Marquette USA Casper USA Sacramento USA Beaverton USA Sevres France Collblanch La Torossa Spain Boulogne-Billancourt France Edmonton Canada Gold Coast Australia London UK Gennep Netherlands – Hartford USA Little Rock USA – Como USA -Kuala Lumpur Malaysia – Livingston USA – Elm Springs USA – Regina Canada – Moscow Russia – Mortola Sweeded – Bjorkenas Sweden – Pointeverda Spain – El Palmar Spain – Downington USA – Toronto Canada – Dublin USA – Mentor USA – Fergus USA – Steger USA – Overland Park USA – Tuscon USA – Fairfax USA – Dayton USA – Rouen France – Birmingham USA – Mount Laurel USA – East Brunswick USA North Palm Beach USA – Saint Paul USA – Akron USA – Calgary Canada – Scarborough Canada – Topeka USA – Meriden USA – Harrow UK – New York USA – Concord USA – Danbury USA – Whittaker USA – Cromwell USA – Spokane USA – Minneapolis USA – Bronx USA- Wembley UK – McConnel Canada – Brooklyn USA –

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2 thoughts on “News Travels Fast

  1. Anonymous says:

    WOW what a day in San Pedro! Glad to hear no injuries or deaths. Cool pictures Tacogirl. Thanks for the quick updates. Gail

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