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News from Memphis air traffic control

We have been getting a play by play from Carbunkle our Memphis air traffic control about the progress and lack of regarding dcg and tq’s flights. Apparently travelqueen and travelprincess missed the plane but the cowgirl just sent me a text that she made it to Belize City – fingers crossed the other 2 make it.

Definitely more to come.

Just saw the jump plane fly by – wondering if anyone we know is on it. I stood on the veranda and watched it fade into a tiny speck and the ultralights following behind. Caught little Erin online – they are staying at Francis and Vernon’s house and I told her to watch for them. She moved out to the dock and is telling me how many skydivers she sees falling from the sky and how the ultralights were flying so close to her.

My cousin Erin's fix for broken toaster
My cousin Erin's quick fix for our broken toaster

Was a busy night went out and about town with Carole – Gary – Paul and Flat Carbunkle. We ran into everyone who is here for the Boogie in Belize and had a blast.

Paul - Flat Carbunkle DCg - KLC

Having fun at BC's Beach Bar

Friends hanging out at BC's

BC's Beach Bar

Bar 595 at Waruguma

Gary and Carole heart Bar 595

All Cayed Up

All Cayed Up

The gang at Wet Willy's

Hanging out at Wet Willy's for some great blues music

Wet Willy's

Flat Carbunkle having fun

Flat Carbunkle and his friends

Making his rounds

Capt says hi

Drummer Dan and Flat Carbunkle

Help Send Derrick to Berklee summer music camp

Taco time

9 thoughts on “News from Memphis air traffic control

  1. Maureem says:

    I was wonder why you were calling Carbunkle “flat” but now I get it! He got smushed jumping out the plane or shall I say on landing after jumping out of a perfectly good plane. LOL

  2. tacogirl says:

    Ha Ha. It was funny when I had flat Carbunkle out at wet Willy’s he came up to me and said hey that’s Roblio we just called him the other night.

  3. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    Why do I feel violated and a little cheap this morning? Love the picture of the Captain and I, they all called us Thursday night and other than not having any Belikins to drink it almost feels like we are down there.

  4. tacogirl says:

    So true Juls luckily she will get here today.

    Thought you would like that one Erin – we are careful to stick close by while using the spoon. Guess it is time to go toaster shopping. Wish you were still here – we miss you.

  5. erin says:

    SO FUNNY TO SEE the multi-purpose wooden spoon technique. ha ha! careful u dont have a fire!!
    we saw u waving from our plane taking off, but just barely, through our tears, wah wah!

  6. juls says:

    I wouldn’t miss my flight as I am usually hours early to the airports… I would go there the day before if I could!!! 26 more sleeps 😉

  7. tacogirl says:

    ha ha good plan Carbunkle. She is the only person I know who has missed a flight to Belize more than once. Dcg texted when she was about to land so I ran out to veranda and started waving as her plane went over head in case she was sitting on that side of the plane .

  8. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    In the 3 years I have known TQ I think she has missed that 9AM flight to Belize (the one that we normally take) EVERYTIME! Next time we make a trip and she is going to be on the same flight I am requiring her to fly up to Memphis the night before and we would all go together so she could make the flight!

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