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New whitewall tires

I made up my mind yesterday that I was going to get Dicks beach cruiser tire repaired, so I could ride it again. I texted Josiemar to see if he was able to fit me in. He replied quickly – anytime was good and to bring the bike over.

So I wrapped up work and headed out the door on foot with my bike and music player. As I was walking the back road through San Pablo, Glenn called out to me from his backyard work shop and asked if I wanted a ride. Perfect timing.

Josiemar quickly assessed the bike and came to the same conclusion as I had that both tires and tubes should be replaced. So we headed off to Castillos Hardware to get what was needed then Josiemar and his helper went back to Changes in Latitudes courtyard to do my Bike repair. Cost of 2 white wall tires and 2 tubes $43.75 bzd.

I continued on by foot taking stock pictures and doing errands in town. It was not long before I got the text that my bike was ready to be picked up. I started walking and quickly hitched a ride with Walter to Latitudes Bed and Breakfast. Josiemar left it up to me how much I should pay him for the bike repair so I gave him $30 and his helper $5.

I decided to test out my new whitewall tires take and it for a spin. I wanted to get some tie straps and redo my basket so I headed to Captain Sharks and got 10 for $2.50 bzd. After that I went to the other side of the airstrip for a bit to take some more pictures and sit under a tree for a while.

I took my Ormon pedometer out with me as I was planning on walking the full way to town and back. In spite of all the rides, I managed to walk 8429 steps or 2.79 miles.

Tropical living tip – if you do not plan to use your bike for a while let the air out of the tires, it will help to keep them from cracking and avoid blow outs – by Josiemar.

Golf Carts Ambergris Caye
Glenn offered me a ride
Castillos Hardware store San Pedro Belize
Castillos Hardware with Josiemar and his helper
buying in whitewall beach cruiser bicycle tires Belize
2 whitewall tires number 26 please
buying whitewall bicycle tires for my beach cruiser from Castillos Hardware San Pedro Belize
New tires and tubes
The road less travelled San Pedro Belize
A road less traveled
San Pedro Belize airstrip
Water view San Pedrito area

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25 years ago on Ambergris Caye by Angel Nunez

8 thoughts on “New whitewall tires

  1. tacogirl says:

    Maybe it is time to revisit 2 wheel transport Remo. I am sure glad I got Dicks, Cadillac fixed and the rust bucket is back to secondary option.

  2. Remo says:

    I miss riding a lot. My main mode of transport from 1986 – 1997 was bicycles. I never owned a car throughout those years because I never had a license (long story). But, man I was in top physical condition back then. I was a calorie burning machine back then…lol!

    I left Belize for awhile back in 1997 and NEVER owned a bicycle since:(

    I miss those days now.

  3. tacogirl says:

    Obtuse, Al you crack me up. Since I am not a practicing Christian ‘the rapture’ and ‘being caught up’ in is by design. Life is just beginning in so many ways.

  4. Sharon Hiebing says:

    That’s a long ride out to Captain Sharks! Good for you. Love the bike under the tree shot, Laurie – really neat!

    Sharon Hiebing
    Relocate Without Rose-Colored Glasses

  5. al salter says:

    Laurie: You are being obtuse: In Christian eschatology, the Rapture is a reference to “being caught up” referred to in 1 Thess 4:17, when, in the End Times, the Christians of the world will be gathered together in the air to meet Jesus Christ.[1] Nyeh. Happens a lot on bicycles.

  6. tacogirl says:

    Rapture 1. overwhelming happiness: a euphoric transcendent state in which somebody is overwhelmed by happiness or delight and unaware of anything else – that fits what I was feeling Al. Unfortunately I was never taken up ha ha.

  7. al salter says:

    The bike under the tree suggests that as you were driving along the rapture came and you were taken up. I hope you were appropriately attired.

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