San Pedro Belize beach pictures

New weekend adventures

Wednesday nights are the new Friday nights because of Dick’s work. That makes today Sunday for him and that means play time.

Just came in from my third snorkel of the afternoon. Today we headed off on the Miss Carole south, down the lagoon side. First stop was Paul and Cindy’s place so he could change and grab a fish bucket. After that we docked close to Cayo Espanto for a quick swim and set up some trawling lines. Then we headed off further south in search of the cut, which we found it pretty easily.

When we passed through we stopped to anchor, go for another snorkel and to get a third fishing rod going. Dick decided we should move ahead 20 feet for deeper water and it worked as Paul caught a fish. It is 3:00pm and cooling off nicely, fish kept getting a free lunch from Carole, so she decided to pack it in and go for a dip. Was not long before we decided to lift anchor and do more trawling towards Victoria House area in hopes of catching a bite and getting ourselves headed back towards home.

Heading north at a slow pace and enjoying the rolling waves, the water colour is spectacular all in every direction. This would be a great snorkel spot. Paul reckons it is too blue for barracuda right here. We are all talking about getting better grab and go bags so that we have things like binoculars, fillet knife, red & green light, compass, tarp, extra smokes lighter and rum and water proof bags for camera gear and important stuff. (if anyone has any good recommends on waterproof bags and such please let me know)

Miramar is in sight and my Paul called to see how we were doing and what was up for tonight. I told him I was getting dropped off at Tackle Box Dock would be back soon and we could all figure it out.

Talking to Carole on the coconut phone, everyone is getting cleaned up and we will likely meet up for cheap eats in town somewhere soon.

9:55 pm we had a taco in the park then moved over to Pirate Pizza for a slice and garlic sticks, followed by Dandies for a yummy bullseye and ended the night catching Gino’s first couple of songs at Fido’s. I am so ready to hit the couch right now, Paul is already there.

Heading for Paul and Cindy’s

Lagoon finger

Pit stop

Southward bound

Dick and Carole



Fishing time


Belikin break

Lagoon side

Carole on the Miss Carole


Looking for place to anchor

Almost back at ocean side

Dropping anchor

Caught one

Hook was stuck in there

Carole fishing

Paul fishing



Water was stunning

Back home

Big boat

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