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New Road

You can take the boy out of Montana but you can’t take Montana out of the boy. This  turned out to be a good thing for North Ambergris Cay residents as Tim Jeffers recent purchase of a tractor has the road looking good up to Portofino Resort. We had a chance to drive the new road yesterday when we went to Grand Caribe for lunch and it was smooth sailing all the way.

Follow up tomorrow about our tasty lunch at Grand Caribe.


  1. Wow!! Hope the road stays that good for a while! We have not been past Grand Caribe on a cart for a few years!

  2. Roads do look great. We rode way North when we were there..there were some BIG potholes.

  3. Huge dump trucks coming over the bridge to fix the road??? Who is going to repair the damage to the bridge? Doesn’t make sense to have a “good” road if you cannot cross the bridge to access it.

  4. Wow… and my wife made me turn around just past the Palapa Hut Bar because of the road (or lack of it in places) conditions! Biggest set of continuous potholes I have ever seen — and I drove out the road to Sarteneja!

    Great job of taming the road…. now to clean up the trash!

  5. Cheryl dump truck likely related to filling roads to make them drivable and the new telephone pole work happening. The bridge toll is to help cover maintenance costs.

  6. Julian we actually made it all the way to Tranquility Bay at a later date and overall it was a pretty good drive even with a few bumps compared to what it used to be like.

  7. It is a great ride Debra we did not hit ant potholes all the way to Portofino.

  8. I hope so too Kathy – definitely worth taking a drive past Grand Caribe now.

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