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Living in Belize

New Look for Belize Tourism Board and my Belize Dentist


It is not exactly new news but I decided to blog it anyways because I absolutely love the look. Olsen agency crafted colorful, modern logo with a vintage feel and gave the Belize Tourism Board a new identity that will stand the test of time. I found 3 good examples of the new logo – see pictures below.

Yesterday I went to my new Dentist, Dr Julio Lara at Ambergris Hope Clinic and got a chipped tooth filled, he did a good job and the cost was only $80 BZD. I decided to go back this morning to get my teeth cleaned, Dr Julio replied to my text right away and set a 10am apt for me – price for cleaning $150 BZD. I asked about cost of a few other things that are on my 2013 self improvement list, inspired by Dennis who is back snow-birding from Canada and getting his teeth done.  I have a crooked front tooth that I wanted to get fixed, he said for braces on the top few front teeth cost will be $1500 BZD and Whitening is $500. To reach Dr Julio Lara for an appointment you can call the office at 226-2660 or his cell 627-0176

Many people come and get dental work done on their Belize vacation because the prices are so good. Here is a good thread on Belize Dental Care recommends from expat blog.

new belize tourism board logo on ad age

Belize Tourism logo picture from Advertising Age

new belize tourism board logo by olsen agency

New Belize Tourism Board logo picture from Ambergris Today

new belize tourism board logo

New Belize Tourism Board logo picture from Brands of the World



  1. tacogirl February 7, 2013

    I agree AJ. Since I posted I found – Belize Designing A Nation from Olson on Vimeo – great advertizing agency video about the making of the new Belize Tourism Board logo –

  2. AJ Baxter February 7, 2013

    The new logo is well designed and would look great on t-shirts and bags!

  3. Nina Kumar February 6, 2013

    Very modern looking….

  4. tacogirl February 5, 2013

    So much better than the old one Emily.

  5. Emily February 5, 2013

    I love these logos!


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