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Living in Belize

Nature ranks high in Belize


Living on a tropical island definitely ranks high on the nature scale. There is no shortage of the wonderful Belize nature images, as you can see from my pictures below. The sky is ever changing; there are always colorful flowers blooming; palm trees and brilliant blue water of the Caribbean Sea. I have been going through the contest entries this morning and there is some stiff competition in the nature category. I can’t wait to post the contestants pictures for you all to see. Up to 34 entries now.

If you like what you see, please vote tacogirl for best image blog for the 2009 Lonely Planet Blog awards.


  1. Michele in Playa March 10, 2009

    Beautiful picturs Laurie and you’re kicking @ss in the LP competition. Almost 700 votes today. I have 20 in the Bloggers Choice. Oh well.

  2. DragonChaser March 9, 2009

    Lovely photos!


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