Palapa Bar

My New Neighbor and Palapa Bar Party

It is not always easy to deal with new neighbors and while I would not likely do it for real, mine has often left me wishing I had a super soaker so I can blast him from my bedroom window. Last night he went off at 4:00 am, again at 6:00 am and now he is crowing once more – 7:00 am. That darn rooster always seems to have too much to say at the wrong time of day.

The upside to that my good friend Dennis (who arrived yesterday) reminded me that I am out of the land of barking dogs and that I was no stranger to roosters at my old house too.

Palapa Bar Soft Opening Party

As for the the Palapa Bar and Grill soft opening party, it was a great time. Many people came out to celebrate the worldwide loved bar and give well wishes to Scott Jodie and the Palapa family staff. I was very honored that they put a printed copy of my Palapa Bar Phoenix Rising from the Caribbean Sea blog post on their gratitude wall. Jodie mentioned how cool it was that my writing was a match to their new Phoenix Rising banner.

One of the highlights for me, aside from good times with my friends and seeing so many great people in one place, was some aerial pics. I asked my tall buddy Jack if he would mind standing on a stool to capture the crowd for me. He went one better and also took me to the upper storage area for a birds eye view. We hung out up there for a while, watched the party for a bit and chatted about how great the new place was.

If you missed the soft opening not to worry, you can still catch the official Grand re-opening this Sunday November 27th.

San Pedro Belize
The beach road parking was packed
San Pedro Belize
Huge turn out
Palapa Bar
Big new bar
Palapa Bar
Large open space
Palapa Bar
Lots of people and no shortage of space
San Pedro Restaurants
Kitchen was busy all day long
San Pedro Belize
Scott and Jodi’s wall of thanks to all the people that helped

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