My first time trial and cheap eating around town

by tacogirl
belize food

Food first of course 🙂  Who doesn’t love cheap pork tacos and fresh fruit for dessert? That was our super tasty budget friendly meal twice this week. The first time we got tacos on our errand run and decided to head down the road for for apple bananas. The girl told us her shipment was due the next day and we chose mango on a stick instead. I opted to wait till we got in closer range of a kitchen sink to eat mine. Dick chose to dive right in and settle with the old water bottle hand wash trick.

Another good place for cheap grab and go food is The Baker south of town, they make  sandwiches on thick cut white or whole wheat in the $5 – $8 range. My ham sandwich was good. I also got a coconut granola square but I have not tried it yet, saving it to take for my snack pack when I head north to see Rudy Thursday morning.

pork tacos belize

Delicious 2 for $1 pork tacos at the stand by the old football field

belize food

Suga City pork taco’s rocked my world twice this week

belize fruits

Fruit market that usually has baby bananas at the north east end of back street

fruits of belize

That day we ended up with mango on a stick, the baby banana shipment was due the next day

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to blog the last few days, in fact with all that is going on I feel like I could write you a whole book. I have been super busy between running errands, working on 3 big events and fleshing out a fundraiser idea. I wish I could tell you more about but that will come soon enough, all I can say is I am super excited and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

I can share my first time trial though, I have been working hard at my hula hooping skills and today I decided to see how long I could keep spinning before my ADD kicked in and I got busy with something else. I made it 7 minutes and 12 seconds with a Rolling Stones medley of Get off my cloud, 19th nervous breakdown, time is on my side and a muted kung foo movie on tv 🙂

boat bimini belize

San Pedro style chores: moving a boat Bimini from one yard to another

shopping in belize

Mano O War Men Supplies store, great place for cool gifts

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