Banana Beach

Most Unique New Souvenir in Town, Flowers and Brick Oven Pizza at Banana Beach

Newest Unique Souvenir on Ambergris Caye

I recently caught up with Dianne Lawrence of Quicksilver Messenger at her office aka Carlo and Ernies Runway Bar to check out her cool new fingernail tattoo’s by Angel at Artistic Skin Designs.

Getting a fingernail tattoo is a great option for someone who does not want permanent ink on their body or the pain that can sometimes come with getting inked. It is also the perfect unique new vacation souvenir.

When considering design, simpler is definitely better as the nail and design are small. Dianne had originally picked out a more detailed nautical compass and solar star option but together she, Ken and Angel worked out something everyone was happy with.

Cost is $60 BZD each nail or $100 BZD for a pair. As for how long it lasts, everyone is different as it will depend on how quickly the nail grows out. So far Dianne’s has lasted 3 months and she is loving them and plans to keep them done up and going for color next time.

Artistic Skin Designs is located on Buccaneer St. in town. Shop Hours are Monday – Saturday: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm  Sunday: 12:00 pm -8:00 pm.  The shop observes holiday hours when applicable so call to make sure they are open;  226-4261.

A New Home Flower Option

If you are looking for flowers for your garden, stop by the lagoon road in town (to the north of the new water taxi terminal) and see Frederico. He has a small but nice selection of plants available weekly and is usually there Mondays and Tuesdays.

Brick Oven Lobster Pizza 

El Divino Restaurant at Banana Beach Resort is now making brick oven pizzas. Every night except Monday they get the bricks hot around 4:30 – 5:30.

The other day Cowboy Doug texted me to come to join him for Lobster pizza sometime soon and since I already had plans to meet my friend Max for a drink at the El Divino Lounge, I decided it would be good timing to combine that with Cowboy’s invitation.

He decided we should go for half meat lovers and half lobster. We went outside to watch as our pizza chef Marvin turned our pizza in the fire and patiently, hungrily waited for it to be done.

When our waiter delivered it to the bar Cowboy, being a generous social butterfly started sharing the pizza with friends and a few hotel guests. He shared so well that he needed to immediately order a second pizza so he could actually get a slice. Good thing it is only a 15 minute cook time although the second one took us a little longer as someone else beat us to the brick oven.

In addition to lobster and meat lovers, they also have Cheese, Supreme, Pepperoni, and Hawaiian. To give you an idea on pricing, Our half/half was $37.50 with meat lovers being $35 and the lobster at $40 – pricing in Belize dollars.

San Pedro Belize
Walking to Banana Beach


 Banana Beach Resort
Custom made pizza paddle


Banana Beach Resort Belize
Marvin putting our pizza in the oven


Banana Beach
Our pizza cooking in the fire


Banana Beach Belize
Half lobster half meat lovers


Banana Beach Resort Belize
Marvin cutting our pizza


Banana Beach
Time to eat

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