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More shout outs

I am delinquent in checking my gmail account tend to use my hotmail more. Todays wake up work with my morning coffee was to go see what was waiting there for me.

After a fast delete spree I found a few hello emails that needed answering – sending a shout out to Snowy Indianapolis, Naples Florida and, Destin Florida.

It is cold here today (I am just about ready for socks) and I have been joking with Paul that our canuck cousin and friend who are arriving today 12:55 pm have brought some Canadian weather with them.

12:20 pm… count down is on cousin Erin and friend Joanne will be here on island at 12:55 pm

In the grand scheme of things a week on the island is not long so we will make good use of time.

I went to find them at the airport and they had got in early so they saw me from Lime balcony where they were having a rum punch. Paul met us on the way home and helped with luggage.

First stop tour San Mateo and school – so we headed of towards the bridge. Vernon toured us around and Joanne was brainstorming with him about San Mateo and the school. Since was a social worker this was of particular interest to her.

We took the beach home and the girls could not wait to walk in the water. Paul was waiting for us when we got back and no rest for the weary just a short break before walking to roadkill cafe to meet up with Paul h – we also got to see his parents Penny and Albert, Tracy, Diane, Nancy, Courtney, Stacy, Michele and betterbeer .

I had pre arranged to get dinner delivered from Stacy’s fresh foods yum. We got sweet pepper shrimp skewers with brown rice and slaw on the side. The food was great and it came right to us – I was happy to pre order wed night so we did not have to think about what to do for dinner when they arrived.

Next stop was Fidos where we saw Michele betterbeer klcman Courtney Stacy James and listened to Gino and Justin’s band – did not stay out late as the girls had been up before the sun.

we walked over 4.12 miles.

Meeting at Lime

Toy car

Waking across bridge

HC kids cleaning up the beach

Fixing seawall

New sea wall

New sea wall heading north on beach

Tamale man

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  1. Anonymous says:

    tell her i drove her car up balliclair but then i got too scared to go anywhere else.
    so i came home and i did a good parking job too (:

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