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Last night’s Money shots

Dianne and Tracy scored money shots of the evening. Tracy just got in for a very fast visit and we were lucky enough to see him at road kill last night – hope to track him down this morning to go to Island Perk. Hi to Bill and Mimi and any of Dianne’s family reading this.

Tracy and Dianne

Money shot

Speaking of Money here is a deal being offered….

Good morning Laurie the details of the week that we have to rent out at Captain Morgans… it`s Easter week – the 22-29th March. It is a one bedroom villa that sleeps up to 4 people and she wants 200usd per night as opposed to the usual rate which is 289usd per night. People can log onto their website and see what is has to offer they can email me at sharonkimboyd[at] cheers a lot lol.

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