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More fish

Capt Jeff rang me yesterday after our fishing trip and invited me out with him and Maya today – how exciting, of course I said yes so here I am at 5:43 getting ready to catch some more fish. We will meet up at Estel’s shortly and the boat will get us at 7 am.

DCG comes in today and Reaper’s big dinner at Blue water Grill is on for tonight – just prinitng some town crawl maps to have handy.

Dear Colette

Hope you are well on your trip. Not sure if you are checking internet much but I felt to write and say hi – I know you will find it sometime soon.

Maya is not starving in fact she caught a big jack today as well as mackerel and snapper. It was quite amazing to watch her reeling jack in especially when there were dolphins in close by feeding. You now how it is here some days – nature sensory overload and today was one of them. I kept watching from Abel with the gaff, to Maya Jeff and her line then back to the dolphins again – it really was a sight to see.

Boarders dinner is tonight as well as fire show, lunar eclipse and karaoke – so lots more visual stimulus coming our way.

See you soon xxoo

Getting on Abel’s boat


South end


Thumbs up from Maya

Catching Sardines – live bait is so much better

Fishing with Capt Jeff Maya and Abel

Small reel


Catching fish


Maya gets a big one

Capt Jeff and Abel coaching Maya reeling in jack

Jack took almost all her line out

What a fight

12 pounder


Fixer upper – waterfront view

Heading for home

Catch of the Day

Maya Jeff jack

Good amount of fish

Igamel and Kenmel found us

Line up


Jack mackerel


2 pelicans and a ray



Jack is red meat – look at the size of that steak


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I did read the Taco blog. I need my dose of San Pedro. I’ve been in London two days and I want to come home! I’ll see you soon. Miss you all. xxx

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