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Monday Morning

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for information. I am going out with cindy for golf cart ride.

load two over to Paul and Cindy’s. TV is now bagged and ready to go in the shower. Cindy will do final load at 12:20 pm. At this time we will shut down all electrical and pack up our lap tops and router.

Cindy and my Paul moving first load of stuff. I am organizing more to go and getting last things above ground.

9:20 am
It is so surreal right now. These may very well be my final comments as I am ready to go at a moment’s notice. We are moving to phase 3 alert, the storm can hit with in the next 24 h. Thank you to all who are making paypal donations it is greatly appreciated right now. Cindy just came but she will come back in 20 minutes to start moving our stuff. She has Bob’s golf cart till noon.

Super hot on the island very humid.

7:45 am

it is official we are staying.

Paul is going to help Beto board up, while I will try to get supplies to Paul and Cindy’s house asap.

Thanks to all who are making paypal donations and saying prayers for us.

Thanks for keeping emails down to a bare minimum.

Paul and Beto boarding up

Diane came by for reading Material

We are prepared and feeling very positive

Bikes will go here

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. chaosbydesign says:

    Hey Tacogirl …found your blog on the AC forums. I spent 2 weeks there last year and absolutely fell in love wth the place. I’m anxiously checking your blog to see what’s going on and the aftermath of Dean. My prayers are with you.
    I hope everyone is safe (animals and people!)
    – Kristy in Colorado

  2. fireflytoo says:

    Hi Tacogirl….i think you are doing amazing stuff here. Dont know your power situation at present. Just wondered if you knew the wherabouts of Greg Smith (Turtleman on Ambergris Cay) and his boys. He is my brother in law and his wife is flying home from UK. We are all of cours worried. Thinking of all of you.

  3. Billy says:

    Hi you guys, I am sure you know the drill. Fill everything with fresh water, washing machines, bathtubs, etc. Have plenty of candles and canned food. Stay low and hang on. They are saying storm surge of 18ft and you guys are dead center. God bless everyone on AC, we are preying for you all.

  4. Nancy says:

    Hey Tacogirl-
    Just found your blog yesterday while tracking Dean. Now
    I’m reading your every comment. All my prayers are with you and everyone in AC. I love that place and hope to return to the Island Heaven I remember so well.
    Stay safe!
    Roxie Blue in Nebraska

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