San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Mobile Party Posse

What a fantastic afternoon. Nothing like hijacking your friends front yard on the beach with a full out BBQ party.

John Henry grilled up a storm – chicken wings, burgers and pork chops. We had enough food to feed an army and then some. Chunky was agreeable to having some wings and pork chops for tomorrow; last day of their San Pedro season, and it saves them on cooking. Molly was definitely excited to have a left over half burger.

After dinner some of us played Yahtzee while others went straight for the hammocks.

The party posse then moved over to the hot tub at Caribbean Villas. I came home to clean the coolers and get a  blog post done. I was going to go back and join them, but they were already on the move, and everyone suddenly fizzled out fast.

P.S – Joe, I somehow managed to lose that picture of you in the hammock. I swear I uploaded it, but I didn’t see it this morning. We will just have to have a do-over.

Chunky helping the boys start the BBQ

Molly loving the beach

Dick and Carole popped by for a quick hello

Chicken wings marinated in mango tango sauce

Ruth telling a story

Burgers are up next

World’s most inexpensive dog toy – the coconut.

Pork chops in fruit marinade

Cindy and Molly

Chops are cooking

Along comes Lorie

Burgers are up

Chow time

Hammock time

Back to Yahtzee

Looking at baby fruit bats

More Yahtzee

5 thoughts on “Mobile Party Posse

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi Kathy nice to hear from you. MMMM cheezy potatoes. If we could all blip back there for 24 – 48 h to for a quickie we would totally go for it. Hope you make it back in Feb we are missing Gene (and now Chunky and Ruth) at aquafit.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Laurie, aka Taco Girl. Gene and I think it would be great if you put on a barbeque at Chunk and Ruth’s Minnesota home. Gene and I will bring the cheezy potatoes. Have a good summer. Who knows maybe we will see you in Feb. if we come down to visit the Rineharts.
    Gene and Kathy a.k.a Skyqueen

  3. Ruthie says:

    Chunky and I are secretly hoping for a “welcome home” ambush BBQ in Minnesota next week. How mobile are you guys???

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