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Mind games

I woke up at 5am this morning with my mind playing tricks on me thinking it was Monday – I was not amused. As I was having my morning coffee I figured one of 2 options go back to bead and try waking up again or head to the beach at Banyan Bay and take a nice dip in the sea – option 2 was the winner.

There were some really cool rain clouds happening this morning my pic does not totally do them justice I could see a random pattern of thin dark likes if rain by the building on the dock it was very cool looking. Was not long before the rain came and we had a wet walk home.

Banyan Bay


  1. Hi Steven I am not sure of the actual water temp by number but it was just right not to warm and not to cold very refreshing.

  2. I don’t know him Remo funny you mention it though as the other day I was wondering who was in charge and thinking about talking to them.

  3. Very cool pic TG, what was the water temp for your morning dip?

  4. By any chance do you know the present Manager of Banyan Bay or heard of him?

    Mike Castillo is his name…..just curious


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