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Million Dollar Experiment

I recently mentioned re-subscribing to coast to coast am radio. The first show I downloaded and listened to was on Intuition and Synchronicity. After listening to the show I noticed a few synchronistic events happening in my life and knew I would eventually pick one and end up blogging about it.

So here goes….

It all started last week after I met Boreas – we were talking about blogging as an income generating job. He told me to look up Steven Pavlina stating he was a successful blogger and that I would find him a good role model – I wrote his name in my book and never got around to looking it up.

Fast forward to a few days later…

Last night at Playa Lounge I was talking with Cindy and we somehow got onto the Million Dollar Experiment as our topic of conversation. She was talking about how months ago after we all watched the Secret movie at Stacy’s old house she went home and was looking up related stuff and found the Million Dollar Experiment and decided to give it ago. She then went onto say how she she felt it was working in her life and reminded me I had seen her written intention on her pc and before that on a big poster that she had propped in a hammock where she would stop and ready it daily as she passed by. I made a note to look up the experiment today and whose name to I see at the top of the page??? You guessed it Steven Pavlina.

I surfed his site a bit and found lots of interesting info including the written intention and screen saver option. I decided to get Pauls help and do my own screen saver with a picture that resonated better with me so I could give it a go.

I will leave you with a few bits that I found most interesting from Steven’s site and a picture that you can click on to enlarge and save as to use for your own screen saver. If you decide to give this experiment a try, please keep us all informed in how it is going and what you are attracting into your life.

Notes from Steven Pavlina…

If you want to achieve a goal you’ve set, the most crucial part is to DECIDE to manifest it.

The universe itself works on the same principle. Think of it as the superconscious mind. When you’ve made a clear, committed decision, it will open the universal floodgates, bringing you all the resources you need, sometimes in seemingly mysterious or impossible ways.

Whenever you want to set a new goal for yourself, start by setting it. Take the time to become clear about what you want, but then just declare it.

Say to the universe, “Here is the goal. Make it so.”

Do not ask the universe for what you want. Declare it. Don’t ask. This is very similar to prayer, but you are not praying FOR what you want. You are praying WHAT you want. You are simply saying, “Here it is. Make it so.” It is like planting a seed in the ground. You do not say to the ground, “Here is the seed. Please, can you make it grow?” You simply plant the seed, and it will grow as a natural consequence of your planting and tending to it. It is the same with your intentions. Simply plant them. There’s no need to beg.

Million Dollar Intention – picture from west side of the island

4 thoughts on “Million Dollar Experiment

  1. tacogirl says:

    thanks paul so agreed to it being a mental one – always good to take action after you are in the right head space so that your action will carry you in the right direction

  2. Paul says:

    Get a goal and watch how life starts working for you.

    The line between life working against you as opposed to for you is a mental one.

    Great post!

  3. tacogirl says:

    I think people just have to find what ever works best and go with it.

    Congrats on escaping the life of an office drone.

    Love your list of travel goals nomadic matt.

  4. Nomadic Matt says:

    “here is my goal. make it so”

    reminds me of that movie “the secret” which i’m not a fan of.

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