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Which is Better Mid Morning or Sunset?

Morning First

Even though we did this one second I am putting it first. A super fun way to start the day gliding over the reef at 300 feet with a complete birds eye view of the Barrier Reef, island and lagoon. I really like the daytime aerial view because everything is so bright and colorful. Sometimes you can see marine life. My fellow parasailor saw a big eagle ray while he was up in the air.

Although we were using tripods, we could not help getting some shake in the video but overall I’m super happy with how it turned out. Watching it as I was editing reminded me of how relaxed I felt floating in the sky and I picked music to match for both.

Spice up your day and enjoy a morning parasail for something different.

Sunset Parasail

Brian the owner, said I should try a sunset parasail since I had not done one before. I was hesitant at first because I knew I liked daytime for pictures and video, but I decided to take his advice and I am glad I did. As you saw above, he graciously said we could do daytime as well so I could get the bright island pics I was after.

The first time up, we almost got bumped by a weather system forming in Panama, but thankfully everything worked out. We had a calm day and a cool sunset. A rain delay did get us for the daytime one though; we were going through a patch of short heavy morning rains at the time we wanted to be airborn.

Relax with a gorgeous sunset over Ambergris Caye from 300 feet in the air

Details of Parasail Tour

Parasailing trip length depends on the number of people and conditions. A typical double parasail is about 30-40 minutes. If you’re in a group, the trips can take 1 hour plus.

Wind direction also plays a factor in how far south you will go and how close they will bring you to the island. When we went up the second time the wind was coming from the east and so we did not go as far south. It was also a factor in our Captain, Francis having us fly solo both times which I now realize, made it good for getting video shots from different angles. 😀

Other Castaway Caye San Pedro Tours 

This season in addition to running 2 parasail boats, Castaway Caye WaterSports also offers some interesting private tours. Enjoy some fun on the warm, turquoise-blue waters of the Caribbean Sea:

  • Explore Ambergris Caye coastline by Jet Ski
  • Jet Skis/secret beach tours
  • Banana boat tours
  • Caye Caulker parasail

Learn more about the company and custom designed tours offered on Castaway Caye Website.

Read reviews from other travelers – Beautiful Parasailing in San Pedro


I asked Brian about safety; he billed it as a top priority at Castaway Caye WaterSports and backed it up with the following information.

Their Captain is the most experienced parasailing Captain in the country, with more than 15 years experience. They follow all U.S. Coast Guard and Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) standards and their equipment is supplied by the largest manufacturer/distributor in the U.S.

Castaway Caye also offers very unique and private Jet Ski tours to Secret Beach, along with Jet Ski rentals, banana boat rides, water skiing and wake boarding.

This business was one of the many that got devastated with the loss of the Palapa and their office/dock. They came back stronger than ever and are working from the new Palapa bar dock. Castaway Caye will soon open an additional location at the Spindrift dock.

Aerial Pictures

I really enjoyed evening parasailing and would do it again. I will say if you only plan to do it once and especially if you want good island pictures then daytime is the best choice. I am not doing individual photo credits as it was such a mix between 4 cameras and 2 people. So half credit goes to Kendall of Meandering Fool blog and Ecologic Divers.

Another fun write up – Parasailing in Paradise by the girls at My Beautiful Belize Travel Blog.

Ambergris Caye ISland
Heading a bit south first
 Castaway Caye San Pedro Tours
Traveling along the coast of Ambergris Caye by Parasail
 Castaway Caye San Pedro Tours
Up Up and away to about 300 feet
Ambergris Caye Belize
The Phoenix and Ecologic Divers
ambergris caye restaurants
Palapa Bar and Chuck and Robbie’s two more Island favorites
Looking south
Looking south
San Pedro Tours
Castaway Caye WaterSports
Belize Transportation
Heading out to our start place
Parasailing Belize
Sunset from the boat
 Castaway Caye San Pedro Tours
I am suited up and ready to fly
 Castaway Caye San Pedro Tours
Flying taco
Aerial Tour
Nothing like watching the sunset while floating in the sky

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