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Me time

The sun is playing games with me this morning and has not come long out enough to convince me I should go to aquafit class – I decided to enjoy some me time instead. Still undecided on what to do first my choices so far are between tai chi reading – travel mags and crossing a few things off my list.

I am quietly walking away from my computer now will leave you with some great travel info…

LM pointed out some great flight deals at continental this morning in mini chat. I went to check it out to see if it was worth posting and there are some deals out of Houston, Denver, Los Angeles and Portland – all under $300.00. Purchase time line next couple of weeks – travel time line now through September.

More to come…

After taking an hour to myself to quietly think about things and see what ideas popped into my head I decided to cross something off my list… Dental clinic pics and info are up sent in by Bonnie and Sharon two of our aquafit girls and Valentines post with pics by Wonderwoman.

This afternoon we had to go to town and run a few errands. One of which was getting myself a new bike. When we got to the store and I picked one out I noticed it had a big scratch in the frame and they said they did not have another one in the same color – I could have sworn I heard the guy say to another lady he could build her one in the same color bit I did not bother to argue.

The guy at the store said he could put the bigger tires on a different blue frame to make the bike the same size for me and I actually liked the color on the frame he was willing to switch tires on better but something was not sitting right. He assured me the frames were the same size and it was just the tires that made it look smaller.

I almost got bamboozled and fell for it but having done rennovations in a previous life I learned to use what ever is handy to measure something so I unclipped one side of my camera strap and measured from seat post to crank on both bikes and bingo I was right they were off by about 2 inches. I ended up taking the original bike with new handle bars that help you sit upright.

Street Sweepers

Interesting bike modification

Getting new handlebars

Me on my new bike


  1. Michele – tlc for bikes so important here I learned that the hard way when my spokes rusted out.

  2. I have practically the same bike!! Wish I had more opps to use it. Right now it is in bad need of a tune up and some TLC.

  3. I often feel like I landed in the Wild West Mysteryboy.

    Thanks Ruthie.

  4. Congrats on your new bike! It’s beautiful…

  5. HAH TAco – That bike pic reminds me of The wizard of Oz…….you’re not in KS anymore!


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