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Make Some Noise San Pedro

I caught Angel Nunez on Reef Radio and TV (ch 20 in San Pedro) talking about potential negative events going on around our island during the low season. He was urging people to raise their voices and make some noise if they see something not right, be it a robbery, an abusive situation or someone that needs help.

I was very inspired by what he said and pleased with the fact that we did just that in the San Pablo area. Recently, one of the bikes from our yard was found by Robert, the house caretaker, in the vacant lot on the other side of our fence. Barb, my downstairs neighbor saw some people across the canal looking in our direction. As she looked out her window, she did not feel the guys were casing us, it seemed more like they were looking at something and we feel they might have been watching someone on the other side of our fence. We also think our friend Christian going back and forth between both our apartments likely startled the person trying to steal the bike. They were home free with the bike over the fence and in the vacant lot but, for some reason, took off fast. Our version of making some noise was to tell our neighbors and double-check who the guys across the water were with Amy who lives at that house. Nothing ever got solved here, but at least the people around us are aware of being extra observant right now.

If you live here or are planning to move here, you might be interested in Tips for Surviving low season on Ambergris Caye.

Crime happens everywhere and Ambergris Caye is no different, but there are plenty of good things that happen here too.

A good deal is always a reason to make some noise and so is the fact that someone else is doing the shopping – Whoo Hoo. It is beyond exciting to me that our friend offered to cut a small group of us in on his Belize City fruit and vegetable shopping. The pictures below show just how much food we got for $160 bad ($80 USD). We split this between three households and all made out with a huge pile of deliciousness.

belize vegetables
Bag one of mixed vegetables
vegetables in belize
Bag two of mixed vegetables
fruits and vegetables in belize
We got all these fruits and vegetables for $160 bzd.
belize city vegetable market
We split this among 3 households and all scored large.
While we were splitting up our veggie booty, Wally's Electric was replacing the aircon
While we were splitting up our veggie booty, Wally’s Electric was replacing noisy broken air conditioner and compressor.

Of course, everyone is making noise about the fact that the new North Ambergris Caye paved road has now reached the bridge. It is a huge deal for the bumpiest section of road north of the bridge to become the smoothest ride. Further north, the road work is still moving south and they are in the Grand Caribe Resort area for paving.

roads in north ambergris caye
People enjoying the paved road
north ambergris caye
The bridge area is now paved
road north ambergris caye
The road is happening fast
paved road north ambergris
If you play Monday afternoon cribbage or a Tuesday night trivia,  the road to Coco Loco’s is now paved part of the way

Last but not least,  I have been pulled away from blogging lately because I have been super busy with Red Cross work and preparing a report for our recent Board meeting. Even though I am not on the Board, they have decided that I should attend all the Board meetings – I just do not have voting rights. I am ok with that as I definitely get my two cents in and this last meeting was no exception.  I had a lot to share with our Branch and guest of honor.

David Sobers, the Youth Development Officer, came out from Belize City to work with us and had some really great news to share –  we are slated to get four first aid instructors. The San Pedro Branch will be looking for professional, dynamic and committed people. Nominees must fit specific criteria and Headquarters will be working with us to ensure that we choose top quality people for our instructors. I am not sure exactly when it will happen, but Director General Lily Bowman understands that it is a big need on our end.

Other good news, the Board has now decided that they will hold two meetings a month – one will be private and one will be open to the public. We are ready to start getting active in the community and will need lots of help as we have big plans.  Our first community project will start with education in San Mateo.

One of the reasons I love it when the Board meets at El Divino is the food (see them on Trip Advisor). Eiden ordered their famous ceviche platter, beef, and chicken nachos. It was a good thing too as our meeting lasted three hours and we all needed some fuel for our fire 🙂

banana beach belize
A smorgasbord served with a smile by Chop
banana beach resort
El Divino is known for its ceviche, nachos were good too

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  1. Tom Balbierz says:

    Hey Laurie–
    I was looking at the pictures of the road on your website—looks like it’s happening pretty fast.
    That’s exciting—see you soon.


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