2 Beach Parties and North Ambergris Road

What a great day! I got to do 2 beach parties with Matt, Sara, Karen, Johnson and Kendall. The first one was in town out front of Estele’s at the wood carver tables for Miss Shirlette’s birthday and some chicken with rice and beans. Karen and Sara brought her a cake sparkler and gave it to her sister to decorate the cake when it was time. Shirlette cooks at Lola’s Pub so if you happen to stop there this week, you can taste her food and wish her a happy belated birthday.

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belie beaches
Birthday girl Shirlette getting her picture taken
downtown san pedto
Karen doing more impromptu photo shoots with some of the party guests

After a nice visit, we got itching for adventure and all agreed it was time to roll. Since none of the other beach party crew had been further north by cart, it was easily decided to take a spin on the new road hit the beach at Grand Belizean Estates for the Sunday Beach party.

Stopping to gas up the cart on our way turned into a sausage party when Johnson and Matt spotted another sausage dog on a boat that was gassing up. His owners let him on dry land to make friends with Johnson while they chatted with Matt about the SAGA Halloween party. My money is on Johnson to win a prize, he loves costumes and does some super cool tricks – very smart dog.

san pedro town
Sausage party at the gas station

New North Ambergris road pictures (further below) from when I drove up there last week and the following pics get straight to the tropical beach party part. At the rate of 600 feet a week, it is coming along nicely now and there are 2 nice long stretches of paved road to drive on.

Many islanders head to the lagoon side at Grand Belizean Estates for weekend parties – our version of a cottage country drive. We ran into Miss Shelly, Miss Joy and their friend enjoying a golf cart potluck party under the shady terracotta roof so we parked our cart as close as we could and joined them.

Karen and I walked the beach for some pictures and did a bit of treasure hunting. Unfortunately, I did not find any Mayan Artifacts to turn over to Jan Brown for the Marco Gonzalez collection. Still hoping I hit the jackpot with another piece like the full ax head that I found while exploring the back side of the island one day. We spent a good amount of time people watching and chatting – perfect Sunday activities.

grand belizean estates
Beach party lagoon side
north ambergris caye
Grand Belizean Estates
caribbean sea
Swimming weather
grand belizean estates north ambergris caye
Sunday beach party
grand belizean estates
Lot’s of people enjoying Sunday fun up north
karen brodie belize
The orange dot in the distance is Karen

On our way in, we all agreed to stop at the tower on the way out. Karen and I climbed to the top to see what we could see and of course snap a few pics. I have lots of roof top and veranda options for pictures but it was a nice change to get a few stories up with no tall buildings in close range.

ambergris caye belize
Sara and Johnson
north ambergris caye
Tower view
north ambergris caye
Johnson, Sara, Matt and Kendall
ambergris caye belize
Karen Brodie Photography in action
ambergris belize
Heading back down the tower

Thanks for inviting us to a refreshing swim at the Phoenix after a hot day in the sun Kendall. Sorry no pool pics this time, I just wanted to enjoy being in the moment and the conversation without thinking about taking pictures.

I will leave you with a slideshow of 24 beach, country and new road pictures I took from the two times I drove up there. First time I was by myself for work, and the next day I asked my friend Jack to go for a drive on roads less traveled. I saw some cool wildlife and when traveling with Jack. We came across a fox. Neither of us had seen one here before and it was a super cool moment in time – the fox sat and watched us for awhile. We appreciated him and took pictures.

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