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Living in Belize

Make a Great Day


Chatting on the coconut phone with a few people this morning, one of my conversations was signing out and he told me ‘Make  a  great  day’ for some reason that struck me. Often we say ‘have a great day’ to people wishing them well. Using make instead is a good reminder that we are in control of how our day turns out no matter what happens to us – we can make it great and wish others to do the same.

I decided to start making my day great by playing with a few pictures today – love computer arts and crafts. I went through my stock and did water color finish on a few pictures images for fun.

San Pedro Belize weather report – still very fallish feeling out there, thanking my lucky stars as Direct Abundance Heather says they are in the midst of their first snowfall, as a result of impending winter she is quickly becoming addicted to Belize webcam. I am checking at live stream now – the view of Caribbean Sea looks cold today, going to go bundle up for a trip to town.




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  1. Emily December 2, 2011

    I like that: “Make a great day”. Good way of putting it!


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