Make a Great Day

by tacogirl
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Chatting on the coconut phone with a few people this morning, one of my conversations was signing out and he told me ‘Make  a  great  day’ for some reason that struck me. Often we say ‘have a great day’ to people wishing them well. Using make instead is a good reminder that we are in control of how our day turns out no matter what happens to us – we can make it great and wish others to do the same.

I decided to start making my day great by playing with a few pictures today – love computer arts and crafts. I went through my stock and did water color finish on a few pictures images for fun.

San Pedro Belize weather report – still very fallish feeling out there, thanking my lucky stars as Direct Abundance Heather says they are in the midst of their first snowfall, as a result of impending winter she is quickly becoming addicted to Belize webcam. I am checking at live stream now – the view of Caribbean Sea looks cold today, going to go bundle up for a trip to town.

karen brodie
A Little Hammock Fun by Karen Brodie Photography
dale wallace junior san pedro belize
Dale's mechanic shop in San Juan
belize food
Creole shrimp
dragonfly pottery made by belize artist ruby hand
Dragonfly pottery Artisan Ruby hand



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Emily December 2, 2011 - 1:58 pm

I like that: “Make a great day”. Good way of putting it!


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