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Loving the view
Pink flowers

Loving the view

What a ‘Happy Monday’ as Le Roi would say. And it is a very happy Monday for me I am sitting on the veranda up north watching boats go by while I work – it does not get much better than this. I am testing out blogging on my Toshiba tablet. The first two pics were taken with it – not bad for a tablet and they came up high res [others were taken with my Cannon powershot s5is]

While I am finding it pretty easy to blog on my tablet in spite of not having a portable mouse, I was finding it a bit slow especially since my ADD was kicking in as a result of too much iced coffee and not enough breakfast. I decided to go hijack Cowboys computer and finish this up fast so I can go eat my leftover coleslaw, barbecue ribs, an American breakfast with fry jacks  at the pool bar and back to my view.

belize boat

Love the view

grand caribe belize

Grand Caribe

grand caribe belize

Sunday barbecue

belize flowers

Pink flowers

grand caribe belize

Dining room living room area

grand caribe belize condos

Living room

grand caribe belize


grand caribe resort

Big bed all to myself

grand caribe resort belize

Flat screen tv – my electronic babysitter

belize condos

Laundry room


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  1. life is goood my darling <3

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