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Lots of Love and Three Must Reads Belize books

Happy Valentines everyone. Today on this annual celebration of love, I bring you three great Belize books. Why not treat yourself or someone you love to a little bit of Belize.

1. Sketches from the Heart of a Texas Artist – The Love Necklace Edition by Margaret Elizabeth Hulse

I have met the Texas – Belize Author Margaret in person and commissioned her to do a Belize map for me. She is one of many who came here fell in love and forged a strong bond with the country and its people. I’m glad I get to see her again as I just found out she is back on Ambergris Caye till May. I admire those geographically located people who swing between extended periods in two great places.

In the Spirit of Love

This first book is actually free with your purchase of a Love Necklace.

Now available, Sketches from the Heart of a Texas Artist – The Love Necklace Edition. The story hasn’t changed, but the new second edition highlights the positive power of the Love Necklace on the story’s protagonist Mona Lamar. The Love Necklace plays a huge role in her journey in the story, as it has in the authors own life and the lives of countless women who wear its empowering message.

Treat yourself or that special someone to a Love necklace this Valentine’s Day, and enjoy a complimentary copy of Margaret’s novel. As a supporter of The Love Necklace Campaign, you will become part of this incredible ripple effect: Any time a necklace is purchased, a necklace is given to a woman receiving care at a women’s shelter. In 2018, 63 women received necklaces from the 5 shelters connected with the Love Necklace Campaign.

There is no better way to love yourself or someone special in your life and pay it forward at the same time by sending some solid support love to a woman in need. Click to learn more about The Love Necklace Campaign, and receive your complimentary copy of Margaret’s book.

The Writers thoughts on Valentines

What if we look at Valentine’s Day from a different perspective. What if we consider where love really comes from… from our hearts… from ourselves.

We often spread ourselves thin sharing our love with others, which we do because it feels so good (and our loveys are amazing), but… as we’re always instructed to do on an airplane (when cabin pressure drops) “put your oxygen mask on yourself first, then, on a child,” We HAVE to make sure we’re okay… we have to make sure that we have enough oxygen, so that we can help/love/support others.

Margaret Elizabeth Hulse Texas Belize

Below and to the left is the Love Necklace, in the middle Margaret decorated her walls with the manuscript and the right image is the president of Haven House Belize City, giving the Love Necklace to a woman. For safety reasons, their faces are not shown. The Executive Director has given permission to use them for any necessary marketing purposes.

Texas Belize
Collage images provided by Margaret Elizabeth Hulse

2. Unpremeditated by Tony Randgaard

Some people want a side of adventure with their romance, if you or your Valentine are one of these, then Tony’s book is for you, but first let’s get to know him a bit more.

Not only is he a Belize book writer, but he also writes for Minnesota Monthly, MinnPost, Twin Cities Daily Planet, Star and Tribune, Air Cargo News, and the Forward (I saw samples). Because of his original content, Tony has been a featured segment on Jordana Green’s CBS radio show and KFAN over 15 times. Very impressive and inspiring.

In his correspondence, Tony mentioned he too, was very impressed with my consistent site growth. He has been following me since way back when I started on Blog Spot before converting to WordPress and going .com.

In his email, Tony was also happy to share some details about his book which was mostly written in Belize.

Author’s Book Overview

Unpremeditated is based on a true story, a crackling-paced Caribbean cold case spiced with a sizzling helping of romance.

A big fan of Belize, when Prince Harry last toured the country in 2012, a celebrity murder mystery was unfolding around him. The next door neighbor of security pioneer John McAfee was murdered and now six years later, the case is as cold as the national Belize beer – Belikin.

The reporting of the sights and sounds of Belize is vivid and accurate: the world’s best snorkeling; rain forest zip-lining; and white sand cayes where golf carts offer the only form of transportation. The events surrounding the murder which have been publically reported by Wired and Dateline are occurring in the background while the characters experiencing the drama and romance—are fictional. (Please note the story is PG 13 based on the murder and sexual situations.) Even McAfee’s name has been changed in the story.

Author Q&A

Since my Editor is an avid reader :D, I sent her the Unpremeditated excerpt and asked her to come up with three questions for Tony. Great job Shirlee.

Q: You mentioned you had been to Belize about 15 times. When was the first and what brought you to Belize?

A: Similar to a character in the story, I botched visas to Rio for a group of friends. We were forced to make an instant change in plans and co-workers at United recommended Belize. We loved the adventure sports and small-town atmosphere!

Q: You chose to use the name of a real-life resort – which is great; Can we surmise there is some “reality” to the romantic storyline as well?

A: Yes, we stayed at Ramon’s on my first trip; but ha ha, no, the romance is fictional.

Q: Given that you have written a fiction story loosely based on some gruesome events that occurred on Ambergris Caye, what would you say to those who ask, “Is Belize safe for a family vacation?”

A: Absolutely. I think it is safer than it was in 2012. The early close for most bars has changed the focus to families. Further, the amount of crime is modest and similar to small towns back in the U.S.

Unpremeditated: A Murderous Caribbean Travelogue – available on Amazon. This adventurous story weighs in at 200 pages.

Belize Book Writer
Belize Travel and Book Launch Pictures by by Tony Randgaard

3. Belize a Journey of Discovery and Some Snorkeling by Ann MacLean

Last but definitely not least a bit of travel transformation. This next book is a perfect Valentines gift for yourself or anyone you know who is looking to find direction, experience change and adventure. Follow along with Ann, a Scottish middle-aged solo traveler, on her journey of self-exploration by immersing herself backpacking in Belize during February 2017.

When Ann decided to travel to Belize, she had just launched her blog Bare Hotelier and was at a pretty dark crossroads. Having recently lost everything that was important to her, she needed to heal and find direction. There was no better way to do that than getting lost in a country with a Big Heart. Ann felt compelled to throw herself into her adventure, and it was one of the best decisions of her life. She fell in love with the vibrant energy that is Belize and it’s wonderful, friendly people. It was an incredible healing journey for her soul and the experience of a lifetime.

Belize A Journey Of Discovery And Some Snorkeling, also on amazon is a humorous novella about Ann’s transformative adventures. The book is an easy two-hour read and is filled with useful and positive insight into getting around the country.

Something most people do not always think about when reading someone’s work is where the author went to write that story and allow the inspiration for it to unfold. Ann chose the Greek Island of Rhodes where she settled down for a couple of months while writing her Belize book. During that writing process, Ann also chose to spend some of that time living in the small Greek mountain village of Salakos. Her trip was so wonderful that she has returned to stay there for a time, while writing her next book about finding adventure in Greece.

Non Fiction Belize  Book
Maya ruins, happy foodie selfie and snorkeling Shark Ray Alley by Ann MacLean

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