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I often get emails from people looking for information about long term Belize Rentals. They want to know what it costs to rent a place here – what is included – what isn’t included.

To help answer those questions and give you a visual on what you get for how much – I am posting the following information below from Bob Hamilton at Coral Beach Realty.

Please note this listing below is not currently available and the property has been renamed Isla Bonita Yacht Club and under great new management. For long-term rental help, you can email me at tacogirlbelize[at]gmail.com with details on your apartment or housing needs. Please visit my VRBO Ambergris Caye Belize Vacation Rentals page If you are looking for short term. 

Long Term Rental Available at the Belize Yacht Club

Belize Yacht Club, a well established condo resort located approximately 1/2 mile south of town center, right on the beach with fresh water pool, bar, pier, shops and beauty salon, grocery stores, and restaurants within a short radius – what more could you ask for?

The available unit is a second floor unit in Building 10 which overlooks the pool/bar out towards the Caribbean Sea and Barrier reef. The unit offers one bedroom, one bath, fully furnished, equipped kitchen – you will need your own sheets, pillows and towels – things we like to have of our own anyway.

There is AC in both the bedroom and living room areas. The unit is approximately 650 sq ft including a private veranda overlooking the pool – one of the best locations in the resort. Pets are not permitted.

Rent for this unit, Unit 10B, is $800 US per month and includes cable tv. Utilities are extra and include electric, water, propane and internet if needed – monthly costs are in usd and estimated  at $100, $30, $15  and $50 US .

This unit is being offered at less than a one week tourist rental but must be a long term rental, minimum six month lease, to comply with the Belize Tourism Board – ask me more details on this and/or other aspects of the unit and resort.

Please note this was a 2014 post for Coral Beach Realty and no longer applicable. 


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  1. tacogirl April 3, 2018

    As stated in the post Danny that is old and no longer available at that price or through that real estate company. Check with the new Isla Bonita Yacht Club (Name changed along with management) and see if they are doing any long term rentals (6 months or more) http://islabonitayachtclub.com/

  2. Danny Haymans April 1, 2018

    I am writing about unit 10B . Is this unit open ? If not , do you have any aval. and the price . I will be comeing in around July , 2018 , and would like at least a 6 mo .rent . Thank you very much ,
    Danny Haymans

  3. tacogirl July 17, 2011

    I knew it was you Al who else would have come up with such a thing.

  4. asalter July 17, 2011

    It was me who wrote the parrot entry and I was just trying to ruffle your feathers. Please note that BAHA has no residential rulings on birds only mammals. So one could keep a dolphin in the pool without eviction risk:)

  5. tacogirl July 17, 2011

    I almost had a fowl mouthed parrot – my dad was going to get him for me in a Cadillac deal but my mom and brother vetoed the idea.

  6. JP. Morgan July 16, 2011

    I have a white fronted parrot named Issac who is fowl mouthed and messy but travels on my shoulder. Sure he poops but the sun drys it and I flick it off. No big deal. But the no pet policy makes this unsuited to the needs of critter lovers and discriminates against Belizean wildlife residential rights according to BAHA reg. 45;ch3, 7-9, 1992.

  7. tacogirl July 15, 2011

    i agree it is a good price for the location Remo.

  8. Remo July 15, 2011

    Considering the inflated costs of most condos on the island that is an incredible deal!

    Somebody take it…please:)

  9. tacogirl July 15, 2011

    Anytime Sharon.

  10. Sharon Hiebing July 15, 2011

    Wow, that’s an incredibly good deal for the island – people should snap that up! And the Belize Yacht Club is a top notch property in a fantastic location. Thanks for sharing, Laurie. I’m sure I’ll be referring clients here now.

    Sharon Hiebing
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