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Living in Belize

Living Belize


I did not run off and join the circus or anything crazy. Our internet was down since early yesterday morning – which is how I ended up with the sunrise pictures below. We both woke up at 4:30 Sunday morning and found ourselves without internet so I suggested to tacoboy that we make an iced coffee to go and head to the beach at Banyan Bay Resort to watch the sunrise. I love that this is the view we  get with a 10 minute walk.

San Pedro Belize Sunrise

Living Belize


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  1. tacogirl March 31, 2011

    Hi Danyelle. When are you planning to move? Belize is a great place to live – some people have trouble getting used to how things work there. Bring a pocket full of patience with you.

  2. danyelle smart March 30, 2011

    Hi Taco Girl, I have enjoyed your blog. My husband and I are planning a move to belize form Alberta, Canada. So excited. any thoguhts for us that we might need to know?

  3. belize adventure March 19, 2011


    I loved all of these posts. A lot of these things we have, but I got some really great ideas.

  4. tacogirl February 22, 2011

    You must be getting super excited for your trip Julie.

  5. tacogirl February 22, 2011

    Thanks Julie and Debra – it is a great feeling to be so close to the Caribbean Sea.

  6. Stacey February 22, 2011

    Absolutely gorgeous! In less than a week, I’ll be waking up to that too! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. tacogirl February 22, 2011

    So true Paul and it was a great sunrise in the end – we were not sure when we first got there as there was one big cloud and the sky was not doing much then it kicked in and gave us a good show.

  8. Paul February 21, 2011

    They say the early bird gets the worm !!
    Beautiful sunrise.

  9. Julie Parker February 21, 2011

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Debra Milstead February 21, 2011

    WOW..beautiful sunrise and how great it must be to be able to walk only walk 10 mins. for this view.


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