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Damn Printers and Leaky Windows

As I was putting towels down on the window ledges to sop up the 2 newly discovered drips late last night I had to laugh – my not so secret wish for rain in yesterdays post came true.

One of the drips happened to be a bit to close for comfort, but since tacoboy was already asleep the best I could do was to get him to shift his pillows down a bit and hope that he did not wake up soggy.

Late for the pool partially from %*&$#@% printer – back later.

The pool was warmer than I expected this morning, since I was running late I decided to take the back roads and get some cardio in on the way there. Road conditions were a mix of mud slurry and big @ss puddles, I made it ok for the most part. Ended up swallowed by a puddle to mid calf once, I took a long way home and my secret road was a treat for a short while.

Ambergris Caye Island News
Carole is back at her salon as of 1pm tomorrow. If you are due for an appointment please call at the shop at 226-4551 or call Natalie at 610-0135 to book one.

Belize City news
Ashanti Garcia is doing dynamic yoga sessions at Royal Wellness Center in Belize City. Call [501]223 7925 to register.

Ashanti airbender Garcia Royal Wellness Center Belize City

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