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Legends Burger House Reopening

After driving around town and filming all day yesterday Joey and Bob decided they wanted to get a massage so we took them to Mayan Secret’s Day Spa on our way to Legends Burger House.  Alexandra offered us to stay and have a drink afterward and warned us about the best spot to park when we got closer to Legends – due to all the rain there is a small lake spanning the road.

We just made it in time before the kitchen closed and our waiter was quick to make sure we got our burger order in on time. Earlier we had been telling Joey and Bob the cameraman how the restaurant used to be called Sweet Basil when Jewels and Tyler bought it and how they decided that it did not really reflect them so they gave it a name change and a makeover. It really has made a difference to the atmosphere and their success.

It was great to hear Gino – Derrick and Dan   play together again. Dan said that Gino and the shack shakers is officially back and will be playing together around town. Joey got to do his follow up with Derrick and decided to interview Gino and Dan as well. Can’t wait to see all the new footage One Caribbean Weather shot this time around.

8 thoughts on “Legends Burger House Reopening

  1. tacogirl says:

    Great party Kathy was good to hear the band together again – burgers are tasty Joey – Bob and I all had the Jimmy Buffet and Paul went for the Col Sanders. They are doing coleslaw now as well.

  2. Jewels says:

    Thank you so much Laurie!!! We had such a great time with your guests Joey Stevens and Bob the Parrot and Bob the camera man. You guys are always such awesome support and I cannot thank you enough for a wonderful first day back in the saddle. You rock!!!!

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