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New Years Eve is coming fast and I am racing against time to kick this dumb @ss cold that set in yesterday morning  so I can go to the big New Years Eve Party at Legends Burger House. tacoboy said if I was not feeling up to going he would keep me company. Brings back memories as a kid of having the flu and not being able to go to the party with my family so I stayed home in bed and watched The Beatles Yellow Submarine movie on tv.

Should be a good party -  singer Rachel Sedacca will be preforming and all our friends will be there. I heard Legends will not be doing full menu that night but doing special New Years burgers and other tasty treats.

I just got word about another New Years celebration from  from Nancy – All Cayed Up…. Blues Band in San Pedro… playing at Purple Parrot Bar at Ramon’s   8:30 pm – 12:30 am….  Come ring in the New Year… CD’s should be available for 20 BZ$

Legends Burger House New Years Eve Party

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  1. tacogirl January 4, 2010

    lol Bill. -15 ouch. Our friend and her daughter just got in from Toronto today for 2 months.

  2. Bill Hay January 4, 2010

    Zack looks a little ‘keyed up’. Stay cool bud as it is -15 here in Toronto.


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