best keylime pie in belize as of aug 2014

My last 3 meals in San Pedro

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest so even though I was just about to cook dinner, when Barb messaged me that they were going to town for a drink, snacks and asked if I wanted to go, I was happy to stop watching the “Great Food Truck Race” and go eat. I figured cooking a big breakfast plus snacking (which does not count as a meal) was enough in the kitchen for the girl with no cooking gene.

Our first choice for Mexican food was at La Hora on Back Street, sadly it was closed. I had a craving for tacos al pastor with grilled pineapple. Our low season Plan B and C were El Patio and Lola’s Pub, so we decided to hit both, for dinner then drinks after.

We started out at El Patio Restaurant with jalapeno poppers which always remind me of Tracy, he cannot get enough of theirs every time he and Maureen are on a volunteer vacation. For main courses Barb ordered Fried Chicken, Joe fajitas and I opted for the t-bone with garden salad and coconut rice. We all know Belize beef can be a bit of a crap shoot in San Pedro and while Joe did like his beef fajitas, unfortunately my t-bone was a bit gristly. The cheese and chicken stuffed poppers and frozen key lime pie more than made up for it though. We all agreed if that pie was at our house the whole thing would disappear fast. I love how they plated it too with a fancy chocolate design, very artistic.

Next we headed off to Lola’s and enjoyed hanging out for a few drinks and playing Jenga. Of course the games got cut throat fast as we all tried to sabotage each other and we laughed in awe at how each of us were able to avert the big crash and make the game go one more round.

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I was going to stick breakfast Mesa Cafe breakfast on the same slide show as dinner but on second thought I decided it was worth it’s own. I had not been there since Jo and Sheldon took over so it was nice to meet them and see what the new menu was like. They are smart funny people. Thankfully one of my favorite things, the chorizo scramble was still available. I also tried something new; a Mayan Mama iced coffee. I was sold as soon as I read Mayan dark chocolate and whipped cream – it was delicious. Barb had coconut french toast, Joe the bean cake benny and a side of their onion rings to share and were they ever good, super crispy and very flavorful – I remained polite and did not inhale his bowlful. We all agreed chopped up smaller they would make an excellent salad topper and maybe add some fresh bacon bits, after all who does not love bacon? – No one one in this carnivore duplex 🙂

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5 thoughts on “My last 3 meals in San Pedro

  1. Marsa Hightower says:

    Now I’m starving! While I had hoped to move to Ambergris (we actually met briefly at Mango House) appears that Placencia will become my Belizean abode. But sincerely hope we meet again on the Isla Bonita! Love your posts!

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