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Living in Belize

Lasagna cook off and Stuff Swap


It’s hot and sunny in San Pedro today got rained for a minute while I was out for a walk just a few drops to cool me off not enough to make big puddles.

I need to go get some stuff ready to swap.

I just talked to Rebecca on the coconut phone and she said 4 guys came in for tacogirl-message board special at the Tackle Box and are enjoying a $20 pitcher right now. Got a few things for swap but was easily sidetracked – multitasking.

Full house

Waiting for lasagna

Lasagna time


Enjoying meal with friends

Greg Diane and friends

Checking out the merchandise

Aida Coleen and Jules

Walter and Andi-Lee

Puppy love

JD and I – by Carole


  1. tacogirl February 12, 2008

    Food nights at Pedro’s are always fun and delicious. See you in March Michele and hope to see you in April at bloggers conference Heather.

  2. Heather February 2, 2008

    What a great idea!

  3. Michele in Playa February 2, 2008

    OMG! Lasagna!! Yummo. Love the updates. Hope to see you all again in March!! Bringing the kiddos this time.


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