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Lacy Budd

This post goes out to Lacy and all her family and friends. Without a doubt BC’s will be packed tonight for her memorial service – Lacy was loved by many.

I remember seeing her often in town at when we were at Island Perk, she was always friendly with a big smile and a hello.

If you have a good memory of Lacy to share please leave a comment. Here’s a link to some of the memories people shared about Lacy on the message board.

This afternoon was probably the most packed I have ever seen BC’S. Lacy had many family and friends who came out to celebrate her life. It was lice listening to people speeches and hearing about how she touched peoples lives in different ways. Just before it got dark family and close friends were invited to boat to the reef to scatter some of her ashes. Since her sons could not be here at this time they decided it was best to save some and have a quiet ceremony when they come.

Stacy and Lacy by Lil Red

Big smile by Kerry

by Kerry

Lacy painting the ceiling at Saga spruce up day

Lacy and Jim by Lil Red

Lacy at Don’s birthday

Lacy dancing with Carole – by Tim

Lacy at Caribe Island by Craigswench

8 thoughts on “Lacy Budd

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lacy will be missed very much..She was a friend to me for 12 years ..we spent alot of moments together I will miss her greatly..even when I didnt feel like dancing lacy would always manage to get me up on the dance floor…she had a smile at the prayers are with her..joanne

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tacogirl, thanks for posting this for Lacy and all her friends and family.
    Yes, you are right, for all that were able to be there in person, there were many more who had Lacy on their minds yesterday. She was a friend to many.
    Hugs to everyone. Peace, Gail

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post the pictures. It helps those of us who couldn’t attend the memorial in person. Lacy touched many, many lives either with a small touch or big smile. She will be missed but not forgotten.

    Shelly, aka Fluffy

  4. tacogirl says:

    Sure thing pnut – She was quite a lady even though so many people came out to pay respects in person we all know there are many more that are doing so from afar.

  5. pnut says:

    Thanks for posting the pictures, we wish we could have been there to see Lacy off…she was a real sweetheart and such a help to us. Bob always told her she had Lauren Bacall eyes. Quite a lady she was.

  6. Anastácio Soberbo says:

    Hellow, I like this blog.
    Sorry not write more, but my English is not good.
    A hug from Portugal

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