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Knocked Myself Out

It was a fairly lazy day at the taco shack, after cleaning up after dinner party, I ended up having a nap then watching National Treasure in bed with tacoboy. Sometimes a movie in bed is a perfect Sunday thing to d, quiet time it was much needed by both of us as life never seems to slow down.

I got a good reminder of why I do not drink last night, all it took was two of of my favorite coconut rum drinks, I mix it with fresh  watermelon juice and sometimes add a bit of lime or cilantro. I went from zero to done and sadly knocked myself out from the party 🙁 Thankfully I was only hit with minor goma [hangover] today. Paul reminded me I was not the only one we have seen do that and we had a good laugh over some past knockouts  while we enjoyed coffee on the veranda.  I was watching for fish,  I over head the people across the canal talking about seeing Crocodiles and it reminded me that One of my work projects this week is blogging our crocodile cruise aka the CSI Croc Adventure. We did it recently and had a great time, I learned so much. For now you can read about it in San Pedro Scoop – CSI Belize Tour: A Night Time Search for Crocs on Ambergris Caye. To find out more about taking the CSI Belize tour visit the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary website. Totally a trip worth taking and a perfect kid friendly option.

blow up palmtree
Monkey in Palm tree
blow up pool toys
Blow up pool toys


10 thoughts on “Knocked Myself Out

  1. Charlotte says:

    If you and your boyfriend are buying a house in Belize, should try to get on House Hunters International.

  2. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Lynn, we do really love it at this house [renters] While I agree it is expensive here there can be some deals out there. As far as getting that you pay for it is important to do good research on the place you are buying or even renting for that matter. Our friend bough a canal house for 169 usd range a few years back. Hope you have a great day too.

  3. Lynn Paterson says:

    Tacogirl, your home and pool and neighborhood look so inviting !!! I want to move to Belize soooo much it makes me ache !!! lol We need to find a nice little place to buy on the water, or at least a
    view of the water, for a decent price. Can it be done do you think ? San Pedro is beautiful, and no
    doubt a little more expensive, but you get what you pay for i`m hoping …. Have a great day… Lynn

  4. tacogirl says:

    We sure do and I may be sol till Easter to find them here as that is their restock time. I got the last big marble and the last blow up airplane.

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