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A Visit to King Richard’s House and my Birthday Food Crawl

It was a toss up I wanted to go to La Isla Bonita – Telenovela auditions but I had already had booked my morning. Since I was not planning to audition and I knew there would be enough paparazzi there I decided not to put off going to King Richard’s house.

Sure enough I was right, soon as I logged on facebook messenger this morning I saw John Henry’s post “The Way You Do the Things You Do”in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belizeand found pictures of the audition crowd.

Now onto the good stuff, I walked over and met Dick  at King Richards place. Correction under King Richard’s, which was a good thing as it started raining right after I arrived.  Dick called him to see where he was and knew he was for real about being there shortly because he heard the same Tropic Air Cessna flying overhead through the phone – only in San Pedro πŸ™‚

Dick was getting some  wood planed and I was ready to pay for my custom made cedarwood bookshelf. I really needed a better spot to put my media library, I have been collecting since 2006 and it was high time I got something specific made to house it all. I thought $300 BZD was a fair price considering he is going to  router out the wood to put the shelves in. Fingers crossed it is done by Sat and does not end up on Belize Time.

belize weather
Walking to King Richards House I managed to keep my shoes somewhat dry
belize houses
King Richards house
houses in belize
Waiting out the rain in wood shop under King Richards House
belize wood
The cedar wood sawdust smelled nice
belize wood
King Richard with the wood for my media library book shelf
hardwood in belize
Dick giving King Richard dimensions of the wood he wants planed

I was not really planning to do much for my birthday today especially since I started celebrating last night at Blue Water Grill with crab stuffed snook, Mary, Cindy, Andy, Tinker and Tacoboy. When I woke up I decided to continue my birthday food crawl and hit Estel’s for Breakfast. I knew Mary would already be there and of course Cindy Andy and Tink  are always in for food.

When we arrived, I was surprised to see a mini party including Forrest, Pedro, Beth,  presents and champagne. We all know Charles is a barbecue whiz but my pork chop tasted extra special  today, maybe it is because Estel’s is closing for low season and that was my last chance for heaven on a plate till they reopen.

My birthday food crawl will end tonight with Lobster at Pedro’s Pizza and board games.

belize restaurants
Toasting 51 at Estel’s, thanks for the champagne Pedro
belize food
My birthday breakfast a big @ss pork chop fries and slaw
belize birthday
More unexpected presents from Forrest and Tinker

I know many of you are rooting for Ramon’s Village so tacoboy came to a rolling stop and I snapped a few pictures of the cleaning and rebuilding process for you on the way home.

But first a happy Ramon’s food picture from Pineapples Restaurant sent in from my Montana Weatherman and his wife. So sad about Ramon’s. that place was good to me.  Liked how he walked around and talked to everyone.  I stayed there in 92 for a week…  and have been there to eat and drink many times since.  Here is pic of Lisa’s dinner last May when we went there with my mom. Brent and Lisa

pineapples restaurant at ramon's village in belize
Happy Memory from Pineapples Restaurant at Ramon’s Village
ramon's village
Cleaning up Ramon’s Village after the fire
ramon's village fire
Ramon’s Village clean up
san pedor town
Cory’s yard


8 thoughts on “A Visit to King Richard’s House and my Birthday Food Crawl

  1. tacogirl says:

    I am totally not the right person for creating a national dish Michael, not a fan of cooking. I would be good for taste testing and voting though πŸ™‚

  2. Michael Mitchell says:

    I really like your blog, getting hungry.. πŸ™‚ I saw this competition that I think you would be just the right person for! It is about creating the national dish of your country. What would you say that is for …?? Would be awesome if you could be the representative for your country πŸ™‚ I myself will compete for Jamaica πŸ™‚

    Here’s more info about it:

  3. acogirl says:

    Thanks Don, will check with Brent about exact contents. Looked like a veg pasta or veg seafood filling to me. What ever the case I would eat one if it was put in front of me πŸ™‚

    Official word from Montana – It was some awesome shrimp and rice mixtureÒ€¦ Asian.. and some funky noodles.

  4. Don Lafleur says:


    Happy Birthday!! I am coming down October 5 for 9 days from Toronto. What was on that slice of pineapple?


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