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Kick a Brit for SAGA Society

Come and enjoy Kick a Brit day – a family fun-filled day at Pedro’s Hotel and SAGA fundraiser this Saturday 4th of July.

Live Music by Small World Band – Pool party bring your own towels – BBQ – All you can drink for Keg $30 / cup – Hot dog eating competition – Apple pie bake off – Horseshoes – Poker tournament 4:30pm – Hamburgers – Watermelon seed spitting competition – and much much more. All proceeds for the SAGA humane society.

Just got a few more details from Grant….

Raffle tickets are now available at the vets, lime and from
Grant at Pelican Properties – price $10 bzd

To get in to the party on Saturday – all adults must have a raffle ticket.

Prizes donated so far:
Dinner for Two at Victoria House, courtesy of Victoria House
Free sunset cruise for a party of eight, courtesy of Searious
1 night stay and continental Breakfast at the Blue Tang Inn,
Courtesy of the Blue Tang Inn
1 return ticket to Belize City, courtesy of Tropic Air
1 Digital Camera
1 I-pod shuffle
1 mixed tropical wood clam chair, courtesy of Graniels Dreamland
A pretty good bottle of Tequila

Additional prizes just came in from Black Orchid – Banana beach – Capricorn and Capt Sharks

If you are not here and still want to help out by donating to the fundraiser just go to SAGA website there is s place to specify what your donation is for so it can be counted in for the grand total raised. Pedro’s will also be running credit cards for donations as well.

Let’s all work together to make this a successful event.

p.s. Happy Canada Day to all.

SAGA fundraiser

Molly our timeshare dog came from SAGA – she was grateful to go to a good home and be able to continue visiting SAGA when she needs to see the vet.

4 thoughts on “Kick a Brit for SAGA Society

  1. Gela says:

    Laurie, a great idea. A win, win and win all the way around. Is Cindy, the Cindy @ Pedro’s? If so, I guess she’ll be the first person I see when I arrive on AC. Gela

  2. tacogirl says:

    Time share pets is our running joke. We are like Aunt and Uncle Cindy owns Molly and Basil and we share them. That way Cindy has help like when she works on Friday night and Molly would rather be relaxing with us even though she can go to work with Cindy. We get to enjoy Molly and Basil without the full responsibility of owning a dog or cat and Cindy has the reassurance that we will keep an eye on them when she needs us to.

  3. Gela says:

    Molly is such a cutie. I’m not sure I understand your “timeshare” pets Laurie. Please explain. I can’t wait to meet her (and others) in a few weeks. Gela

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