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Keep Your Eyes Peeled

If you keep your eyes pealed in San Pedro, you can always find cheap street food. In my case yesterday, it was a roadside barbecue stand near Ambergris Lake Villas on my walk yesterday. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had found dinner and walked across the road to get some. I got 2 barbecue chicken dinners with slaw and beans for $8 bzd each, which is a great price considering most street stands are at $10 on that meal.

belize food
On my walk I spied roadside barbecue across the street
san pedro belize
Roadside barbecue stand

The picture below was taken by tacoboy at the poppy appeal party at Pedros pizza Friday night.  After all my tech issues Friday, I was glad to get out of the house for a bit and hear Gino and the Shack Shakers, listening to them play put a happy ending on my day.

General consensus on my ailing laptop is a loose wire that is getting worse or the motherboard is dying. Even though it sucks, I still have a a small bright side. My machine is a few years old, very well used and has stood up well to the effects of tropical climate. I was actually scheduled for a new laptop this spring, so 4 months early is not so bad.

This is one of the things to consider when moving to Belize that you might be thinking of of while in your planning stages. Scheduling tech purchases and routine electronic maintenance is a part of Caribbean living. It is not like you can leisurely browse the Sunday paper fliers and go score a deal at one of the many electronics shops. Another thing to consider when you get here, shopping online for tech stuff can be great, but it can also be a can of worms. I got a reminder of that from Maya at Conch Creative this week. Dick and I ran into her on the street and she mentioned how the fantastic new camera she got for work was not compatible with her  computer. The camera software set up was trying to tell her she needed to upgrade to a new computer when there is nothing wrong with the old one.

My biggest tech tip if the white screen of death starts happening to your computer, back it all up immediately and remove your files from your laptop. I did this between an external hard-drive and 2 sets of flash drives. Sure it makes for a bit more clicking when working from a flash drive, but it gives piece of mind that I am covered if the white screen of death suddenly over powers me and I do not have to think twice about what is left on my laptop.

[LG Thrive phone camera works better for daytime photography as you can see in the pictures above]
san pedro belize bars
Gino and the Shack Shakers taken by tacoboy


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