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Itchy and Scratchy

I am betting at least half of San Pedro is feeling itchy and scratchy right now if not more. Those damn mosquitoes are getting trickier too they buzz around and just when you have a good line on swatting it – poof vanished into thin air only to come back and haunt you shortly thereafter.

I just opened an email with 45 bits of advice listed in it. Normally I do not bother much with stuff like that but today I decided to pick one and think about it – I chose  whatever doesn’t kill you  makes you stronger. Just seems like one of those days where everything is a struggle and going against the grain – makes me wonder what it’s all for. Luckily I can look out the window and get a dose of prozac palm trees to help shift the energy a bit.

Looks like the universe is not letting me be moody for long today – I just got the funniest facebook message from MW a reply to one of my group emails asking people to friend Bob the Parrot on Facebook and twitter…

Re: Calling all San Pedro lovers

I will get on it!! thanks! wanna hear a funny?? I live in Oregon, I was in the drive through at Del TACO, ordering TACOs and my Iphone pops up with “you have a message from “TACO Girl”, the one and only…laughing my butt off..!!

That got me wishing I had a drive through order from Del Taco right now. Time to go make some lunch – 3pm I am way behind schedule. Back later with the official lobsterfest schedule of events. Ok looks like I spoke to soon there is a last minute straggler preventing us from posting it today will probably be up tomorrow.

Cindy and Jeff picked me up and we stopped by Robbie’s  birthday party last night at Roadkill. Lots of people came out to celebrate his big 50. They had Derrick and the reef Rockers playing that was my first time hearing the new band – 2 thumbs up.

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2 thoughts on “Itchy and Scratchy

  1. tacogirl says:

    Spraying has definitely helped Devon. I guess it all depends on what kind of rain we get between now and then – that will answer your question. Sunny Breezy days like today help as well and are doing us all good.

  2. Devon says:

    How are the skeeters these days? I’m honeymooning at Coco Beach Resort from 6/20-6/29, and am a little alarmed at the mosquito misery reports. Have they been spraying, and if so, has it helped the issue? Thanks!

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